Morning Mug: A Daring Rescue


From the photographer:

The pic with the cat ready to pounce the baby, the mom/pop behind it was today [Ed. — July 16]….I actually got there in time to throw my shoe and put the baby back in the yard for now…..

Photo by nolastname

  • That’s one big cat. His mom probably got raped by a mountain lion or something.

     Do the cat pictures more, I love them. Just fed 4 cats last night that were outside the STillwell avenue station, that path from Mermaid leading from the station to West 12th street. Tried to  get a good picture but they would run when I got close. A better $3.50 was never spent. The winner was the little cat of the four that outate the other 3 big ones, he was the last man (or lady) standing.

    • Christ, Bruce. I didn’t know you doubled as a crazy cat lady. 

      • Well, we mean well…

        • Barkingspider07

          Bruce, we have a couple of people like you on my block – those who feed stray cats.  Trust me, and I don’t mean to sound cruel, but we don’t appreciate these folks – Sorry, I love animals and have pets, but the stray cats love to come into our yards and shit all over the place and dig up whatever earth is here.  If you don’t feed the cats, they will become mousers and that would be appreciated.  We all know that your heart is in the right place, but feed the strays on your own property, not on the streets where they tend to get in the way, or on private property. PLEASE!

          • Understood. This was not by anyone’s property, and contrary to Ned’s thought, I’m only an occasional offender.
            We know you’re partial to spiders but come on!

          • nolastname

            There is someone on my block that brings food and leaves the cans to the curb to add insult to injury. 
            We adopted one of the kittens from a ferrel cats last litter. She just dropped another bunch somewhere on the block. It’s such a shame she is a beautiful very graceful calico and now she is starting to show some battle scars. 
            I would love to have her neutered but have been unlucky contacting the people that helped with her litter last year.

    • nolastname

      Maybe it was consensual!

  • Robert

    I would have took out a knife and gutted that filthy cat on sight. 

  • Neptune

    plenty of feral cats in the neighborhood

    • bagels

      Maybe if people stopped feeding them they’d find someplace else to hang out…

      • Barkingspider07

        Or maybe they would become mousers – we could use them in this area.

        • Thebareheadedwoman

          Our block has a small colony.  When it got too big a few years ago, we did catch-n-release with a northshore vet.  We do tend to feed them when we notice the individuals getting too thin and/or ill in the winter, but we’ve found if we don’t, they don’t stay long; and when they don’t stay, we get rats…not mice, rats.  Rather have cats than rats.  Some of the transits get ruffled feathers, but those of us who are the majority and have been here for years, know better so it’s all good.

        • nolastname

          I was on E 23rd St between w and x, saw 4 (yes 4) field mice in a row crossing the street . Was about 10-11 pm.

    • Barkingspider07

      Way too many feral cats in the neighborhood – 5 on just one side of my block, then we have the 15 or 20 that hang down at the other end of the street waiting for one of my neighbors to come out with the grub every am and pm

  • ShadowLock


  • nolastname

    The little one was shaken from the experience. I can report back that I have seen it flying just fine with the parents.

    • Barkingspider07

      Nolastname – you are a hero – you saved the little guy from being ripped apart by that overfed cat. 

    • Thebareheadedwoman

       YAY you!  ~gives no last name a cookie~

      • nolastname

        I love cookies.  ;-) tyvm.

  •  All puffed up too. This cat knew that dinner was about to be interrupted.

    • nolastname

      I am sure someone was missing this cat at some time. It is a persian…maybe and inside outside cat??

      •  I know people who still let their cats run around outside during the day. So it is very possible.

        • bagels

          When i was a kid people always let their cats out at night. Do cat owners still do that?

          •  Some let them out during the day. I’ve seen people let them back in.

            I had a cat with a digestive disorder.He started sneaking out of the house to find grass to eat. He couldn’t chew it properly when it was given to him cut so I let him out.

  • NeckRoadWarrior

    Thank heaven for people with conscience. All too many are desensitized by nature programs glorifying “the circle of life” by capturing the horrific deaths of animals. I sometimes wonder about the personalities of the cameramen just waiting and not acting.

    I know preventing the death of that baby bird is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and that nature will carry on, but given the choice of interceding or not…acting out of compassion, or not, I will always defer to my conscience. That doesn’t mean I’m off to Africa with a rifle to wipe out all the big cats, but when chance delivers the life of some innocent creature into my hand, I’m not going to watch it end in terror and pain.

    I only hope to be treated the same.