Haunted Gravesend Home Featured On Syfy Channel Tonight


Tonight at 10:00 p.m., tune in to SyFy and check out how a ghost terrorized a Gravesend family.

In the season premiere of Paranormal Witness, Gravesend resident Elaine Mercado explains how she and her family have been haunted by a “ghost bride” in their Queen Anne-style home near Avenue V.

“It started when my daughters found a really tiny dress in the attic,” explained the retired Coney Island Hospital nurse. “It was maybe a size 2, but short. It creeped me out completely. They brought it down wrapped in newspaper from the 1950’s, and I said get rid of it.”

After that, Mercado says things got even creepier. The family would hear their names whispered in a menacing voice and would have their blankets thrown from their beds. They also saw shadows and started having nightmares.

A neighbor confirmed that a young bride died in the attic of the home many years ago, but under mysterious circumstances.

The family ended up calling in SyFy’s medium who… well, I guess you’ll have to watch to find out.

  • ShadowLock



    Addiction to Meth is Baaaad people. 

  • Matthijs van Guilder

    Who you gonna call? Not the syfy people!

  • Anonymous

    I’m amazed that shows where nothing happens at all can last for a decade. If you believe in ghosts, you’re an uneducated chimp.

    • testt

      actually if you are educated you would actually believe… energy can take many forms and can not be destroyed.. think of ghosts as energy maybe that can help you… looks like you are not educated enough…

      its like saying if you believe in cell phones, you are uneducated chimp. just because there are no wires going and you can’t see the signal doesn’t mean its not there…

      • Anonymous

         Alright nutjob, show me evidence of a ghost. Come on, your nobel prize is waiting. That’s a big claim you’re making, that energy can turn into ghosts. Come on, cough up some evidence.

      • Anonymous

         Cell phones actually exist by the way.

        • Anonymous

           Comparing a known, developed technology that is understood and proven to work to magic that has never been measured, observed, or proven. Idiot.

  • Ghost

    what is the addr of this house?

  • She wrote a book about her experience about 10 years ago. She’s a very good writer, but I’m not so sure of the veracity of her story. Nevertheless I would recommend reading it.


  • ShadowLock


    you know ghosts can’t physically touch us right? so for these people to actually see a ghost and say they were touched by it.. is like saying Schizophrenic’s don’t really talk to themselves

    • guest

      You know there’s no such thing as ghosts, right?

      • Anonymous

         Thank you.

  • Ghost718

    This shit creeped me out never watching this show again I didn’t sleep last might and yes I am spiritual and I do believe this …I actually saw a ghost in my basement 3 years ago on the side of my bed and I went back to sleep I didn’t care it didn’t ther me ,,,and no I don’t do drugs lol

    • Elaine Mercado spun a very good tale. Real or not, she seems to be doing just fine. No reason to be creeped out by it.

      On the supposition that ghosts are real I would suggest that if you experience a ghostly encounter you attempt to communicate with the entity. After you do so you might fear ghosts again.