Espresso & Grill Room To Replace Cupcake Kings


Those who take the Voorhies Avenue route to the Sheepshead Bay train station may have been dismayed about the loss of a morning coffee place when Cupcake Kings closed back in June. But, don’t despair, Espresso & Grill Room will replace the coffee and cupcake locale at 1613 Voorhies Avenue very soon. And they’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner – as opposed to just the sweet stuff.

And, yes, we got a lot of tips about this one – including from our friends over at Arbuz (1706 Sheepshead Bay Road). So thanks to everyone who let us know!

Espress & Grill Room, welcome to the neighborhood.


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  • Eric

    And, yes, we got a lot of tips about this one – including from our friends over at Arbuz ” What is that supposed to mean?

    • Just means we got a bunch of tips about it, and Arbuz was among those who sent one. We do like to give credit to the businesses (and, when possible, the individuals) who give us tips like this. It’s something we want to encourage.

      • Eric

        Oh ok. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Cabbie88658

    I bet they have great “BAGLES”!

    What’s an “Espress”?  I think I know who designed that awning….

    • ShadowLock


      Everything on that awning is spelled correctly……. your eyes ok?

      • Cabbie

        go to 1613 voorhies and read the sides of that awning, then reread the above article, then consult a dictionary.

  • ShadowLock

    The choice of colors on this awning, is just horrendous….

    Teal Awning, with Yellow font, Green bottom, with White……. Where is the Contrast?

  • applegreen

    Speaking of new stores on Sheepshead bay, i think there’s a new bridal store on Sheepshead bay road, closer to Shore Parkway. 

  • tommy

    i give them 10 months

    • voorhies_sucks


  • Kool4Coney

    is there enough foot traffic?  is there enough lunchtime need?  unless there is a BIG “delivery” business for that location I dont think this establishment can succeed in that location. 

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