61st Precinct Crime Statistics: 7/23 – 7/29/2012


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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.


  1. Flatbush Depot on

    week to date: 2012 – 2011 – % change

    28 day: 2012 – 2011 – % change

    year to date: 2012 – 2011 – % change

    2 year: % change

    11 year: % change

    19 year: % change

    week to date basically means how many crimes this past week this year vs. how many crimes in the same week last year (a 7 day sequence that occurred 365 to 366 days ago)

    28 day I guess is is how many crimes occurred within the past 28 days (July 1st or 2nd to 29th in this case I guess) this year vs. this same/corresponding time of year, last year or 365 to 366 days prior to the week from July 23 to July 29

    year to date is same as week to date except the time frame began Jan. 1st of this year and ended July 29. corresponding time frame from last year ranges from Jan. 1st of last year to about July 29 of last year I believe; if crime stats were for week of July 16 to 22 then the time frame would be from Jan. 1st to July 22 I suppose

    2 year compares crime stats from week on which crime report is based, to week occurring 730 days ago I think

    11 year compares this week to week occurring about 4017 days ago (do not forget leap years) I think

    19 year compares this week to week occurring 6939 days ago

    I think this is all correct; anybody who knows something that I do not can correct this