Elderly Woman Nearly Drowns In Manhattan Beach


Manhattan Beach

An 85-year-old woman is in critical condition after being pulled from the water by lifeguards at Manhattan Beach yesterday, reports the New York Post.

Yevgenya Shyknevskaya, 85, was seen floating at 2:20 p.m. yesterday.

“I heard the guard blow the whistle, and I just saw this old lady floating in the water,” witness Asad Butt told the Post.

Lifeguards brought her to shore and administered CPR for approximately half-an-hour. Shyknevskaya was rushed to Coney Island Hospital where she remains in critical condition.


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  2. please forgive me for daring to ASK QUESTIONS… so sorry for wanting to know more then was already printed in the NY Post but I am a senior citizen myself and handicapped and use THAT particular beach and know its hazards and wanted to know what ACTUALLY happened.  next time I will refrain from ‘asking questions’ and just clap louder.   OY!

  3. Jeenieebugg12127 on

    how about stop asking questions and give a round of applause to the life guards who brought her out , AND Supposedly she had a heart attack in the water when it was partially shallow 

  4. Any local UPDATE on this story?  which side of the beach did this happen?  the ‘local side or the parking lot side?   Was she alone at the beach? any statement from the lifeguards?  what was the condition of the water?