Wanted: Two Suspects In IPhone Robbery At Kings Highway Station


The NYPD released photos of two men accused of robbing a straphanger of an iPhone on Monday, July 9.

The incident occurred on a northbound Q train at the Kings Highway train station.

If you have information about the men in the photos, call 800-577-TIPS. You can also submit tips at www.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.

Thanks to Thomas C. for the tip.


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  • RKramden

    These guys are gonna have to go back to snatching purses now that Verizon, AT&T and others have partnered with the FCC to create a database banning any phone with a lost or stolen serial number.  That should cut down the resale value on these things tremendously.

    • Eric

      I don’t know if this a such a good idea. It has been implemented in the United Kingdom for a while.

      • RKramden

        How is it a bad idea?  If your phone is stolen, it becomes a useless pile of plastic.  If you lose it, you wind up getting another anyway.

        Once this system goes live, you’ll have to stop buying your iPhones from bodega back rooms.

      • The UK Gov’t hates it.  The Gov’t is responsible for your property since you pay the police to protect you and your property.  Taxes are an insurance premium.  

  • tjj


  • Georgia

    This is happening every day all around the city.  I phones, I pads & people should be more careful with there belongings.

  • lol, wheres the NYPD, there are usually 30 of them at the KH station waiting for someone to smoke a cigarette on the platform.

    • guest

      I see police cars but never a cop!