1. You make a good point.  I *should* have said:

    Whaaaat?  A felon/ex-con who has served his/her time is just as innocent as I am, on the face of it.  If the cops have evidence that the shooting victim is a criminal, then arrest him/her.  Don’t pull stuff like, “Well, he wasn’t an innocent victim because he had a record, so we don’t have to worry about those crimes.”

  2. Potheads aren’t getting shot.  Felons and ex-cons are.

    And the problems are and always will be the housing projects.  If they weren’t here, this neighborhood would be in a much better place today.

  3. No innocent people are being shot … they all had criminal records …

    Whaaaat?  Like possession of marijuana?

    It’s deep insights like this that may explain why 61 may be having a problem …