Swastikas Found On Gerritsen Beach Bulkhead


Source: GerritsenBeach.net

GerritsenBeach.net is reporting that swastikas and other hate-related graffiti were discovered along the bulkhead on Devon Avenue in Gerritsen Beach.

The site published photos of several versions of a swastika, including one with a circle around it and the word “Hail” scrolled above it.

It’s not the only graffiti on the bulkhead; the site describes it as a problematic area with vandals covering much of it in spray-paint, and, recently, a thief broke into several boats and stole supplies.

GerritsenBeach.net is calling for “neighbors and police [to]monitor and patrol this area.”

  • JR

    NO WAY!!! Swastikas found in Gerritsen Beach? Such a shocker… not! 

  • jpzenger

    Wow, what a find! As JR says, if it wasn’t found there, it would be a miracle,

  • Henryrollinsrocks

    Big surprise. Every teenager I’ve ever met in Gerritsen Beach has been and idiot and a thug.

    • Henryrollinsrocks

      An idiot*

  • nolastname

    I am noticing the preciseness and fact it is 2 colors. It was not a rush job but done by someone who knows how to use a spray can. Kinda like what was done in Floyd Bennet Field.

    • Ann

      Not precise enough. It’s not tilted, for one. And HAIL? HAIL? REALLY?

      • nolastname

        “Hail”…1-to cheer, salute, or greet, welcome. 2- to claim: approve
        If you look at the link it is the same workmanship….be it as it may.
        Why would it need a title? 
        What is the point you are trying to get across to me?

        • bagels

          They meant to write heil as in heil hitler or sieg heil.

          • nolastname

            Either use is sad. Thanks for explaining.
            I didn’t do it thats for sure.

        • NSF

          No on ever said bigots were smart!

  • NI51965

    Most likely the work of residents of the area.

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  • K, Kay, Que’

    May the Klan prevail in Gerritsen Beach!!! They have a lesson for the “Kn1g gerows” to teach. Burn a cross in a “Kn1g-geres” lawn. Show dem’ Darkies that the Klan is strong!!!