Rainbow Medical Supply Comes To Avenue U


Rainbow Medical Supply is opening at 1107 Avenue U. When we passed by earlier this week, it didn’t look like they were open yet.

A Super Pages listing shows that a company with the same name operates at 1799 West 6th Street in Gravesend.

The Avenue U location was previously an electronics store.

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  • Kon

    Hey Ned, you should create a series on this site called “Shit Sheepshead Bay Doesn’t Need More Of”

  • Alex

    Give it 12 months before the FBI shuts them down. Anyone wants to bet?

    • guest

       ALEX, before you make bets you should do research!! Rainbow has been in business for years. 

  • mehhh

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  • http://www.facebook.com/seetizen.trublood Seetizen Trublood

    ANOTHER “Medical Supply” joint? Really?