Postcard: Where In The Bay Was This Old Photo Taken?


This old photo depicts Sheepshead Bay – supposedly in the 1960s – revealing some of the good ways in which the Bay has been cleaned up over the years.

On its eBay listing, the photo is captioned “Sheepshead Bay- Brooklyn- Vintage 1960s New York,” and shows the rocky bay, with dirt and junk scattered over the ground. Old-fashioned brick buildings with flat rooftops and row boats laying against their walls can be seen in the background. The small, outdated sailboat in the center of the image looks as though it would crack if one were to enter into it.

We can’t confirm if the photo was taken in the 1960s, as the listing claims, but it certainly is intriguing, especially as we try to figure out what part of the Bay looked like that only 50 years ago. Off to the top left, behind the sailboat, looks like what may be the backside of Stella Maris and a portion of its pier, from which the Lauro brothers built and rented rowboats.

But that’s just our guess, and your guess is as good as ours, so let’s hear it!


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  2. my dad said it was down by the wind jammer he thinks it was owned by sy levenbaum. they had a row boat station there.

  3. The location referenced is slightly inaccurate, as this was the rear of the ill fated Gerritsen Beach chapter of AA, burnt down to the ground by the “natives” shortly after its dedication ceremony in 1962.

    It was touted as the cutting edge of this type of facility at the time-offering then unheard of services such as boat-thru treatment, blackout parties & egg throwing contests.

    Halloween 1962 was when it met its fate. An irate “community” elder, who had been in treatment & was livid that he’d been successfully cured, apparently snapped.

    He rounded up several of his former drinking buddies, most of whom he had to pry off their stools at the local bar.

    Witnesses interviewed later clearly remember him shrieking something about “Drunkeness is next to….well, how the hell am I supposed to remember what it’s next to?!?”

    With that as his war whoop, they began lobbing eggs, followed by a crude molotov cocktail, fashioned from (of all things) a Manechewitz bottle.

    The volunteer fire brigade, stationed just down the street, didn’t immediately respond, figuring it was just another Halloween in the Beach.

    By the time they arrived, the only recognizeable object left was a fireproof egg box-then, as today- considered the holy grail of Halloween paraphenalia in GB.