Open Thread: Heat Wave Ends!


The heat wave that saw triple-digit temperatures for the last several days has finally ended, and New York City will enjoy temperatures in the 80s for the rest of the week.

How’d you manage the heat wave?

What will you do to relax outside now that it’s over?

  • ShadowLock
  • I live for this weather. I love it. I’m weird. I don’t cope, I relish it. My bones feel better, I don’t eat as much junk food, I enjoy raw sweat pouring off me. I ain’t kidding. Even  the famous boardwalk jogger, Gary Atlas (who might be up to 1700 days consecutive running), caught me jogging at about 9:30am and said “you’re real tough kid”.  Yeah right, a guy who has run 1700 days in a row, I run 2 days in row and need a day off, calling me tough. It was only about 82 at the time,  I did my distance (barely).

        But, I promised in this open thread my weekly “rude behavior of the week in the neighborhood report” in the open thread and here it is, and it involved me  directly.

         I’m waiting for my elevator to come. I wait a minute. It’s stuck on lobby. I start to walk down, saying to myself, I wish I was younger, I could fly down the stairs and catch whomever is holding it. But I can only walk down stairs now. But it didn’t matter.

       As I emerge from the staircase, there are 2 women, one in the elevator, one outside, having a delightful conversation. I said “people actually want to use the elevator you know”. They just looked at me and continued to talk (my guess is, that they called me rude in Russian).

        As I walked down  the hallway, about to make the turn into the lobby to go outside, I looked back. They  were still talking.

    • Arthur Borko

      Damn bitchez…

    • Peppertree5706

      If you like this weather, you will love Phoenix. If you want more humidity than Phoenix, there is Houston and Miami.

  • Arthur Borko

    I didn’t step foot outside, pulsed my AC 1 hour on 30 min off  over and over and did just fine.

  • Kool4Coney

    Flicks on the BEACH tonight in Coney Island, then clams at Jordons :)

    • Jordan’s has slipped a little?

  • Matthijs van Guilder

    It’s ain’t over ’till the ConEd bill comes.

    • Poe

      This is my first year living alone and paying bills, I’m still shocked from the June bill…

  • Fff

    turned on AC and watched porn

  • Henryrollinsrocks

    Went away to my friend’s house in NJ and relaxed by his pool. Barbecued with my girlfriend on our balcony. Lots of good times! I must say I enjoy heat but I’m glad to get a break from such extremes.

  • Peppertree5706

    Next week it is predicted to be in the 90’s every day. I don’t think it ever got over 100. Only the predictions said 100. Saturday, the prediction was 102 and the high was 97. 

    Have a friend from Texas staying here this summer and she said that she could have stayed home for this weather. She thinks Brooklyn is like this every summer. What can I do?

    • E17

      Find a friend who’s more interested in seeing you and less interested in weather?