BREAKING: All Belt Parkway Lanes Closed, Mill Basin Drawbridge Stuck In Up Position (UPDATED – Lanes Reopened)


We just received word (12:25 p.m.) from the city’s notification system that all lanes on the Belt Parkway are closed, as a mechanical snafu at the Mill Basin Drawbridge has it stuck in the up position.

Expect heavy traffic delays and seek alternate routes.

We will update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE (2:10 p.m.): The bridge is down and all lanes reopened.


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  • Whwsailboat

    A few weeks ago I went under the bridge (it had to open) and the bridge tender said that when temperatures higher than 90 the bridge can not be opened as it it would get stuck open. 

    • Guess no one told the new guy. And I’m betting the new guy is having a real bad day right about now.

  • Sheepshead Resident

    Just got a video from someone on going the opposite direction (got on at Knapp St.) and they’re forcing everyone before the exit to get off there. Everywhere beyond that is at a standstill.

    • Mr_Romeo1965

      kool, love to see the video.

  • Mr_Romeo1965

    I wonder if there was a way to lower it manually ? (I know , silly question).

    • nolastname

      Not so silly.

      • Arthur Borko

        Did you follow Ave U and then Mill Ave?

        You should have taken Knapp to Gerritsen to Fillmore, then I think East 54th or whatever street that is over there straight down to Flatlands.

        • nolastname

          Yes, I should have.  Instead I turned off Knapp on Ave. U to hook up to Ralph Avenue to Flatlands. The whole are was a disaster. I took Foster to Kingshighway to get back. What a breeze. 

  • chaueche wu

     view from FOX5 Chopper when it was stuck upright…

  • ShadowLock

    i guess it’s safe to say the bridge had a “Hard-On” :-D

  • EndofDaze

    That overpass is a catastrophe, waiting to happen! The Bridge tender’s shack located on its’ southern span looks like it hasn’t been painted or upgraded since the Belt was built by Moses (Robert!) in the 1930’s! Talk about infrastructure, in need of repair!

    • Whwsailboat

      The bride is going to be replaced by a higher fixed bridge…eventually.

  • So this was the culprit, ruining my early afternoon commute to work, and man this fiasco spread across numerous other parkways, took me over 2 hours to get to work lol 

  • ShBayEl

    It took me over one hour to go one exit!  Instead of an unmarked car hiding in the bushes trying to catch drivers turning around and driving on the grass at the Knapp St. entrance, why wasn’t that car at the entrance telling drivers not to enter???  That bridge should never to raised to let one guy sail through.  I thought the good of the many outweighs the good of the few or the one!

    • Alex

      Police gave tickets?

      • ShBayEl

        Not that I saw.  No one turned around because they were afraid to.  I don’t understand why a patrol car couldn’t have blocked the entrance so people didn’t have to be stuck in this.

    • BrooklynBus

      Thereis soe type of maritime law or something that boats have the right of way over cars, so a bridge must open to let a boat through, regardless of how many cars are inconvenienced.

  • guest

    No worries. Belt Parkway will be bicycle only soon.