Pelame Top Design On Sheepshead Bay Rd. Out Of Business


Pelame Top Design, minutes after a “For Lease” sign was hammered onto the façade. Photo by Erica Sherman

Just barely a year after they opened on Sheepshead Bay Road, Pelame Top Design is closing up shop. The purveyors of fur, leather and shearling apparel sported a liquidation sale sign, just to the right of the 50 percent off summer clearance sale sign in their storefront window at 1730 Sheepshead Bay Road. The Premiere Properties “For Lease” sign just went up yesterday afternoon.

One need not look further than the comments section of our original Pelame post in order to gain almost prophetic insight into the store’s impending closure.

“Perhaps it’s the bad economy,” reader Truth wondered a year ago, since he had “never seen so much business turnover [on Sheepshead Bay Road].” He believes Sheepshead Bay Road has been “inflicted with some sort of business curse.” Commenting on the warm temps surrounding Pelame’s inauspicious May 2011 grand opening, Truth speculated: “Will anyone on their way to the beach look at these furs and say ‘Yes this is what I am missing right now?’”

Prior to Pelame, the Sheepshead Bay Road storefront was occupied by kids clothing and accessory store, Rascals.

Best of luck to the owners of Pelame in their future endeavors.


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  2. Yea, the business curse of the rent tripling every year….just open another sushi shop or cell phone place. 

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  4. 90SBROOKLYN on

    My guess is nothing…nothing will open there for 2 years.If you do you better be a funeral home or a drug dealer

  5. 90SBROOKLYN on

    If you didn’t notice cellphone stores are not so hot these days.There are 2 left and one closing after christmas for sure

  6. Barkingspider07 on

    Wow, nothing can survive in this economy.  Sorry about that.

    Wait for it – a new cell phone store, or a sushi restaurant?