Authorities Arrest Sex Assault Suspect Who Fired At Cops


Norman Vanigas, the 23-year-old suspected of a sex assault and firing on police officers late Sunday night, is now off the streets and in police custody.

Authorities arrested Vanigas yesterday in the Bronx, charging him with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal use of a firearm, police said.

Here’s the rundown from DNAinfo:

At about 11 p.m. Sunday, a 21-year-old woman told Brooklyn cops that she had just been sexually assaulted by a man armed with a gun and knife near Oceanview Avenue in Brighton Beach, police stated. The officers then broadcast the man’s description over the radio.

Barely four blocks away, two cops in a patrol car allegedly spotted Vanigas, who fit the suspect’s description, walking east on Brighton 10th Street toward Neptune Avenue, the NYPD said. When the officers pulled their cruiser in front of Vanigas, he reportedly ran to the north side of Neptune Avenue, took out a gun and fired once at the cops.

The officers did not return fire, police said, and the Vanigas reportedly escaped on foot, sparking a two-day manhunt that ultimately led to his arrest.

Police have not charged Vanigas with any crimes pertaining to the alleged sexual assault, an NYPD spokesman said.

  • ShadowLock

    i wonder which one of his friends got the $12k LOL!

    Time for DEPORTATION!


  • Local

    All this garbage from Brighton/Oceanview streets needs to be picked up and thrown out somewhere either into jails or deported back to wherever the hell they came from. You can’t pass on those streets, those drunk monkeys gangsta wannabes think they own the area. Again, there are normal hard working people there that I know, and they also want to move out from there because tired of those monkeys drinking, fighting, screaming at night, harassing others…


    Deportation is too easy, the death penalty should be brought back to NYC and implemented nationwide; can’t be tolerating this anymore. More types of crimes should be eligible for the death penalty. 

    Why waste taxpayer money housing these animals in jail, when those resources can be used to really improve this country. Turn this guys negative act into a positive outcome via organ harvesting, transplantation, and medical research. This guy won’t need organs if the death penalty is implemented nationwide.

    You never know when you’ll need an transplant.

    Now on another note, this is how hot dogs should be ordered in Coney Island:

    • Re: the video – once again it takes a born-and-bred New Yorker to show Chicago how it’s done.

    • Tatertot

      I’m pretty sure your not familiar with the Bill of Rights, are you? No “cruel and unusual punishment”. Your advocating for pure, unrelenting tyranny. Communist China treats individuals in such a fashion, but heck the US has been overthrown by banking cartels, so we aren’t land of the free anymore. Now something that I do support are chain gangs…they can fill potholes, clean public assembly areas, remove graffiti, plant trees, and grow food that can be donated to shelters.

      • Well maybe the Roberts Court can bring back the chain gang, along with the lash and other past  favored methods of punishment.


        Criminals don’t want to work, they want easy money. Like a said before, why waste resources on criminals, when it can be used to improve this country. 

        Those jobs you mention can be given to honest hard working folks; especially know that so many are in need of jobs. 

    • nolastname

      Too funny, TY for linking. “where’s barbie and How do you sleep in your car at night”, loved it.

  • CJ

    Racist a-holes. Just because he’s Latino doesn’t mean he’s illegal.

    • SheepsheadBayer

      Yes it does.