Muni-Meter Installations Throughout Gravesend, Sheepshead


Reader Randy Contello tipped us off after he noticed several bases of muni-meter parking spots installed last week on Avenue U from East 16th Street to East 21st Street.

Now, the muni-meters are fully installed and running.

The new meters are part of the Department of Transportation’s plan of replacing all single-space meters throughout the city with the muni-meters.

The installation work for our area includes the following locations:

  • Avenue U from Ocean Parkway to Gerritsen Avenue
  • Coney Island Avenue from Avenue Z to Hutchinson Court
  • Nostrand Avenue from Avenue U to Kings Highway
  • Sections of East 12th to East 29th Streets, Haring Street, Desmond Court, Dunne Court, Avenue Z, and Gravesend Neck Road

The work is set to be completed in December.

The DOT states that, “Muni-meters have several advantages over single-space parking meters, include the convenience of a pay-and-display system, the reduction of unnecessary sidewalk encumbrances, and additional capacity for parked cars in the same curb space.” Whether or not this helps or hurts businesses is debatable.

“Yay for hell coming to the area with the start of muni-meters,” says Contello.

Recently, local pols introduced a bill that would enabled muni-meter parking have payment roll-over ability. No word yet on the bill’s passing.

UPDATE (5:37 p.m.): Randy informs us that it’s only the north side of Avenue U that currently has operating muni-meters. The south side has spray-painted marks indicating the locations for installation. Fill us in and let us know about progress at the other locations listed above!

  • Guest

    Randy is snitching a lot lately. Hey randy snitches get stiches

  • The problem with these Muni-Meters is that if the unit you use to pay for the parking receipt isn;t right in front of where you parked,  just walking up the block or across the street puts you at risk of getting a ticket.

    • levp

      OTOH, no more hunting for quarters.

      • randyice

        i dont drive, but i see it this way… it opens the sidewalk. and lets people use cards to pay, no more change…

        that being said ill miss the meters and hopping over them

    • Justachln

      On numerous occasions, I’ve had to use muni-meters located a block or two away from where I’ve originally parked. Needless to say, I’ve been ticketed in the process. I simply made a copy of my reciept which  indicates the time of muni -reciept purchase which is generally minutes from when the parking ticket is issued. I go online, state what happened and the ticket is 100% dismissed.

      • Yes the ticket is absolutely beatable. It’s just a total inconvenience.

  • guest

    The reason these are being installed is to prevent you from getting a free ride from a broken or failed meter. The Bloomturd administration wants to make sure it gets every last quarter from you and makes sure that in the future when he buys his 4th term he can raise the price to any amount he pleases. Waste of money meant to get as much money from you as possible.  

    • frankiev

      I’m all for beating the system whenever possible. However, muni meters also prevent people at broken meters from hogging a spot all day while people who actually need to park for a short period of time are deprived of that spot.

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