Morning Mug: Red Tailed Hawk


Photographed from outside the photographer’s back window, the raptor was perched atop the roof of a building on Ocean Avenue between Avenue T and Avenue U.

Photo by Randy Contello


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  • nolastname

    I just put this up on facebook. It’s a diff bird, not like the goshawk I snapped several months ago.

    • This is Peregrine Falcon . My opinion.

      • nolastname

        Wow, TY. I have to get to the sanctuary….of the bird kind. I have been seeing so many different birds. Maybe to Jamaica Bay before they change the name and start killing them. TYVM Bloomberg.

  • nolastname

    Randy, I shot the pic last night at around 8pm, when did you see this bird?  I did not see the back of it but it had some markings on the face.

  • Exciting. Thanks for sharing.

  • randyice

     Shot was taken on June 8th.  i spoke with a bird export about what it is, and it is def a younger Red Tail Hawk, the wings of a peregrine falcon are blueish, and this birds wings match its mid back color.

    we was in the same location for a few days around 6:15 at night for a week, and sadly hasnt been seen since ;/

    • nolastname

      Yes, I believe it is. The bird I shot last night is a peregrine falcon.

    • nolastname

      It probably finished off all the accessible hatchlings in the area and moved on.

    • nolastname

      This peregrine has been bringing it’s friends around. They will move off when they wipe out the nests near by.

  • Doobieman

    I live across from the homecrest playground. & in the winter the birds outside on a tree by my window all stay very still & go closer to the inner branches to hide from a hawk deep in the park.They stay till the hawk flies away.