Jay Laundromat Of Avenue U Closes After 15 Years


Jay Laundromat at 2217 Avenue U has closed down after 15 years in business.

Reader Richie, who sent in the above photo, reports:

Another mom and pops bites the dust.

I was walking and noticed the sign posted in the window of Jay’s Laundromat. Located on Ave U between East 22. And East 23. I remember before Jay’s it was Ng’s laundromat and he was in business way before 1980.

What’s gonna be next ? Another nail salon ? 99 cent store ? Japanese restaurant ? I’m aactually hopin a Starbucks would pop up. That’ll really put us on the map as up and coming.

  • ShadowLock

    pfffttttt starbucks………

    we can only dream 

  • Not90sBrooklyn

    wait,nobody made the corny played out joke yet???NO DERFFFF CELL PHONE STORE?MAYBE IT WILL BE A PHARMACY??SOOO clever,after 23 stores closed in 2 connected neighborhoods people still think that is funny.Next year when over 100 small businesses that gave it all are shuttered will you still say THEY SHOULD OPEN A BANKLOLOLOL?

  • sweets

    Actually a new laundry mat opens this friday..