Cupcake Kings On Voorhies Avenue Closed For Good


A photo taken just days before the store opened in 2010.

After little more than a year and a half in business, Cupcake Kings at 1613 Voorhiees Avenue has served its last icing smothered dough ball to Sheepshead Bay residents.

The business closed up shop last week, just months after the original owners sold it off to new management (they kept a minority role in it, I’m told).

It’s a darn shame. Good memories with Cupcake Kings, which opened in November 2010. They provided some of the treats at Sheepshead Bites’ third birthday party last year. And there was also that cupcake eating contest where they accused one of Sheepshead Bites’ contestants of being a ringer. And, well, Ferrero Rocher cupcakes, people!

Well, good luck to all those involved with making Cupcake Kings. We look forward to your future endeavors.


  • gene

    nah nah nah nah…. hey hey ey… good bye

  • Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear this. But I have to admit I hadn’t gone to the place since the early winter. Trying to control myself, health-wise. 

      It’s a strange thing. Before this place opened, I was afraid Arbuz would close. But once Cupcake Kings opened, I noticed Arbuz suddenly doing much better business! Weird.

  • I guess the cupcake fad is past its peak now.

  • Cindy

    Their cupcakes were good but a little pricey – unfortunately they were not located in an area where there was a lot of foot traffic otherwise they might have done more business

    • Arthur Borko

      The location was fine, the prices were too high. When it comes to dessert people will go out of the way to get it, but not if it costs too much. The cost vs size ratio was off, and that was their death knell.

  • NYCB0Y

    The place always looked dead, it’s just the wrong location for them; the blond girl at the counter was super cute :)  Good luck to them.

    • RR

       i agree…the blondie was hot

    • Gene2T

      what blond? Every time i would walk in there, there would be a fat fat guy with an attitude …

      By the way.. I have been there 3 times.. and all 3 times walked out.. Prices horrible, fat guy with an attitude and…his unwillingness to help and… prices ones again.

      • RR

         if the hot blond who was working at CK reading this, please identify yourself! Fat guy with attitude? sounds awful

  • applegreen

    as someone who loves sweets and oh-god-cupcakes!, i cant say i was too impressed with them. i say that the owners of the chocolate room should open up a third location on sheepshead bay. Then we can talk dessert. 

  • BOSB

    The cupcakes were fair, and didn’t seem particularly fresh, and the prices were out of line with the quality.  Now, if I had an expense account I could charge them against …

    • Gene2T

      they didnt seem fresh because they were not! Cupcakes were made somewhere on McDonald ave and brought to SH 

      • RR

         fact that they were made somewhere else doesn’t mean they weren’t fresh

  • Michelle

    maybe they just got a bad rating from the Department Of Health and they’re gonna reopen as Cupcake Queen :-)

  • Tinman

    What a shame, let ’em eat cake or cookies or….

  • Kon

    Who wants to take bets on what is going to open next.

    • ShadowLock

      you know it’s gonna be a Cell phone store…………

      Or a sushi.


        A massage parlor aka escort service, just like the one on top of the pawn shop.


    Wow, that sucks. I really enjoyed there cupcakes.

  • nolastname

    I purchased from them a few times. Parking sucked….I was not going in the lot for a cupcake. If they were directly on the bay rd. more business would be walk ins. The prices were a little high for what I expect for Brooklyn. We are not in Manhattan. I guess if the waited a few more years the way the area is changing it would have been successful. 

  • KB

    That’s a shame, it was nice having that type of shop around here and their cupcakes were pretty good. The kids who worked in there were very nice as well. They had a terrible location, not very visible. I am beginning to wonder if there is much room for non-Russian cafes and restaurants around here. I’m not knocking the Russians, so please don’t flame me, I just wish there was a little more variety around here. 

  • Georgia

    Wow that was fast already closed was short lived.

    • Tinman

      I think it was run by two broke girls!

  • JR

    I think a bank should open up… 

  • EndofDaze

    Sometimes, you gotta wonder lately, if the people who opened that store, knew if the current overwhelming Demographic, within three miles of the place, even knows what a “Cupcake” is, let alone have ever heard the names, “Duggans” “Ebingers” or “Larsens”?!

    • nolastname

      I doubt the 2 men in the pic. are permitted to indulge in these store made kind. I don’t believe I ever saw Kosher signs.

      • It was indeed kosher.

        • nolastname

          Then I am surprised, there are not many truly Kosher, Rabbi supervised/approved establishments near the Bay Rd.. I would have thought them to make ends meet being able to serve all comers.

  • Henryrollinsrocks

    Bummer, that was one of the first stores I went into when I moved to Sheepshead Bay.

    • Old Sheepshead Hand

      Someone who thinks Henry Rollins rocks has recently moved into Sheepshead Bay? That’s amazing! 

      Is this a sign of hipsterfication?! I’m mostly kidding. Furthermore it is actually truly the case that indeed Henry Rollins does rock.

      Anyway, one of the original owners of the cupcake place is someone I went to PS 209 with back in the old days. I was always tempted to pop-in and say hello but my unnecessary anxiety about awkwardness over things like “what if they don’t remember me” and “well I don’t really want to buy a cupcake because I don’t like them” prevented me from going in. Oh well!

      • Henry Rollins is a sign of hipsterdom? Methinksnot. Here’s one of the best videos of anything ever:

      • Class of 95

        Who are you? Wemt to 209 as well.

        • Class of 92

          I mean class of 92!

  • Kool4Coney

    oh nooo  now I feel guilty,  cannot tell you how many times hubby and I have driven by the cupcake king and said ‘we really have to stop and try their cupcakes’ but kept driving and a few days ago we saw that it was closed but didnt think it was CLOSED for good…  maybe if everyone who,  like us, said ‘we really have to go try their wares” had actually gone Cupcake kings would still be open :(

    oh and NED, Henry Rollins fans in the bay isnt a sign that the bay has become hip…. it is a sign that the wannabee hipsters have finally realized which side of Bklyn HIP starts at…. OUR SIDE – we export HIP to the rest of NYC

    maybe SB should start doing profiles of all the really HIP people that come from our area and still live here :) 

  • Chris B

    I think we have all covered this one, but unfortunately unless you are a bank, sushi shop, or cell phone store, you are dead in the water around here. Very sad. Plus, nobody can stay in business here because the rent goes up triple every time the lease is up. Look down the bay and see how much turnover there is from month to month, let alone year to year. 

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