BREAKING: Sushi Car Flips Over On Midwood Streets


Source: NYScanner via Twitter

A Smart car serving as a delivery vehicle for Sushi Tokyo flipped over on East 12th Street and Avenue N.

It’s not immediately clear what caused the vehicle to flip over, but firefighters responded to the scene to help get the car right side up. There were no serious injuries reported, according to NYScanner, a police buff on Twitter who posted the photo above.

Sushi Tokyo is located nearby, at 1360 Coney Island Avenue.

  • Arthur Borko

    They have a second location at Nostrand and K

  • Sheepshead Resident

    How do you flip a car?! Driving is getting worse in the tri-state area and it’s scary. Of course I’m thankful to hear there were no serious injuries though.

    •  Maybe it’s one of those mini-cars. I can’t say why but if any car was going to flip I would think it would be one of those.

      • Animo916

         That car is too smart for it’s own good.  probably didn’t like playing in traffic so it rolled over and played dead!

  • Karina

    my mom was actually watching the whole thing out the window, some guy cut off the smart car and he tirned his wheel too much and started slipping. the other car drove off


    i farted and flipped that piece ‘o’ shit 3 times

  • MrArtTuro

    I was sooooo wondering what happened to my sushi order.

  • Car was still there at 3:30pm (6/11), what gives with that

  • david

    from what i heard from witnesses on the scene, there was a big van who cut him off flipped him over and fled the scene.. that is reckless and brutal…

  • true story

     he hit a squirrel