BREAKING: Truck Strikes Belt Parkway Overpass, SUV Crushed In Pileup


A tractor trailer illegally traveling eastbound on the Belt Parkway struck the subway overpass at East 14th Street, tearing open its haul and causing an SUV behind it to slam into its rear.

The driver of the SUV escaped injury, though the vehicle’s front was crushed. The accident, which occurred just before 9:30 a.m., caused severe delays on the Belt Parkway as authorities shut down all lanes of traffic.

Authorities removed the cargo from the tractor trailer to get it under the overpass. A fire truck hooked its front to the tractor trailer’s load and dragged it off the highway to the Shore Parkway service road, between East 15th Street and Sheepshead Bay Road, which authorities closed to traffic. The highway was reopened just after 10:00 a.m. as a tow truck carried the crushed SUV to the service road as well.

Tractor trailers, like all commercial vehicles, are not permitted on the Belt Parkway.

“I know that. I know,” the driver told Sheepshead Bites when asked if he knew about the restriction. “My boss told me to go on 27. I thought it was closed … so just a little bit.”

The truck driver faces a summons for the violation.

As of this writing, tow truck operators, police and Department of Transportation officials are still on the scene. The tractor trailer’s cargo, was loaded onto a flatbed truck for removal, leaving scratches in the asphalt from where it was dragged.

The overpass had no notable damage, a police officer on the scene told Sheepshead Bites.

FDNY trucks pull the tractor-trailer's load from the highway to the service road, dragging it over the divider. (Photo by Diana R.)


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  3. All merchandise that crashes within our community should be donated to local organization to the benefit of those who live here.

    Ofcourse that chances of this happening, laughable.

  4. Only in New York City would a fire truck be used to drag something like this lol. BTW, I bet ESU Truck-6 was pissed they didn’t get to pull!  Good job guys.

  5. This happens all the time. I imagine the fines/summons are not very high.

  6. Vehicles that violate the “No trucks” should be heavily fined since signs are clearly posted!

  7. Brightonresident on

    “The truck driver faces a summons for the violation.”  That’s all??? There should be VERY serious penalties to both the driver and the company!!!  A little enforcement of the ‘NO trucks’ rules would be good as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. eh, what else is new. I live right there, and this happens quiet often. The sound still frightens me whenever this shit happens at night while i’m asleep. 

    Hope those involved are all ok. 

    The last time it happened, at 4: fucking 30 in the morning, the trailer flipped over completely and somehow the driver of the SUV that directly followed it, stopped right before hitting the trailer. 

  9. Luckily nobody was injured. That being said, the driver of the tractor trailer and his company should be held liable to compensate every last person who may have lost their job or been docked for being late to work as a result of this numbnuts actions.