Photos: Sheepshead Bay Memorial Day Parade 2012 Draws Huge Crowd


Photo by Erica Sherman

Approximately 200 people turned out to honor those veterans who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice in serving and protecting our nation, as the community celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day Parade and Observance.

Organized by the Sheepshead Bay – Plumb Beach Civic Association, the event brought together veterans from almost every conflict going back to World War II. Gerritsen Beach’s Nicole Hidalgo sang the National Anthem; she, too, is a veteran of sorts, having sung at 9/11 tributes and professional sports games.

The event, as always, included a motorcade of classic cars, which line up near the memorial site on Emmons Avenue, near Brown Street and the Miramar Yacht Club.

Helping the marchers keep pace was the Bishop Kearney High School marching band, and students from other local schools were honored with awards for winning Memorial Day-related contests.

Assemblymembers Alan Maisel and Helene Weinstein, as well as State Senator Marty Golden, were in attendance.

All photos by Erica Sherman.


  1. Jeez, everyone’s a critic. Give me some time, Bill. There’s more going on in this office than putting together pretty photos. News comes first.

  2. YOU are the nasty person BUDDY. It’s called constructive criticism….But you are displaying what people expect from a narrow minded person. Ya see (not myself) many people have the trashy/nasty opinion of the beach and you just proved it. If someone does not see it your way they don’t count ‘eh. Step off PAL, chest it.

  3. it seemed like a lot more than 200 people. either way it was a beautiful event.

  4. Arrogant, disgusting and judgemental.  People like you wouldnt last on our civic group. Your mad  because we are trying to do the right thing?  You have plenty of anger and negativity. This was a something that many old timers look foward to. Do not repy to me you are trash……Buddy

  5. Whwsailboat on

    Readers of this blog would think that the only huge gathering in the Bay that weekend were the 200 or so at the parade.

  6. Ned, if it was a nice day 1/2 of those 200 people would have been on the bay anyway. 
    Again, if they want it close and personal then they are doing everything right.

  7. Too many time people assume  a commenter does nothing other than comment.
    If you took barking’s advice new blood would find you.

  8. Wow, I did attend the event once and I have to agree with you. Yes, the parade can use a little zing. 
    If they want it to stay small, close to home and personal then it is fine.
    However, for more community involvement (heck even more people watching/lining the streets) it does need more bling.
    I’m not saying Mardi Gras style as someone mentioned but bland is not good either. 
    Good for you telling it like you see it.

  9. I was there (obviously), and I thought it was a lovely event. Veterans were honored, there were cool old cars, the marching band performed, Nicole Hidalgo was great, kids got to walk away with prizes for their hard work, and if the politicians didn’t attend these events, and didn’t show their appreciation for our Armed Forces, I can guarantee that it would reflect worse upon on them, so I, for one, am OK with their being there. I’m not sure what you mean by “new blood.” I think that they’ve given their regular blood, new or otherwise, on the battlefield is more than enough. This is not “Dancing With the Stars,” you know? Veterans are not supposed to be wearing sequins, and feathers, and dirty dance along Emmons. Sometimes, as you say, change is a good thing, but if anything, the only thing that should change is that more people should be lining the streets to honor these heroes. Otherwise, to me, it is perfect the way it is.

  10. Barkingspider07 on

    Also, learn to spell – “discusting” is actually spelled disGusting

  11. Barkingspider07 on

    Yes, you do not know me, I have been doing service in the community since I was a teen, I am 52 years old now. I have attended SBPB Civic Association meetings many times over numerous years and they are an organization who have really never accomplished anything.  And by the way buddy – in this country, we have freedom of speech.  I can voice my opinion, just like you are allowed to be a judgemental ass.

  12. SBPB Asses?  I think Ned has to delete this post.  I dont know who you are but do  you do anything for the community ass? Find us new blood and we will be happy to welcome them.     Discusting……

  13. Barkingspider07 on

    It’s the same every year.  Marty shows up, the SBPB civic asses show up, Nicole the “singer” from Gerittsen Beach shows up – things never change.
    They need all new blood to plan this event in the future.  Change is a good thing. 

  14. Is it possible in this day and age to have something.. some kind of event or a holiday with out politicians? Mr.Goldin is always there to push his career just a little further with every change he’s got

  15. Everything is relative. This is a Memorial Day parade put together by volunteers of a group with little resources beyond time and heart. Considering how well such events are (or aren’t) attended around here, yes, I consider 200 people to be a big crowd and a success.