Open Thread: Boy Am I Tired…


Nothing like a weekend in which you work all day, every day.

I’m exhausted. You write the open thread. I’m taking a nap.


  1. Ned, when you need nap time you can always take the George  Carlin style of reporting the news: (from Wonderful Wino Radio)
    “Missiles fired at Moscow and New York. Huge meteors falling from the sky. DETAILS 45 MINUTES FROM NOW ON ACTION CENTRAL NEWS…”


  2. you know, that doesn’t bother me as much as when i’m driving around for 45min by my job looking for parking while seeing people taking up 2 spots.

    you know i once caught some lady doing that, man did i give her Hell for it. i put her in her place.

  3. While you are at it key the cars that don’t pull all the way to the crosswalk. They think the line for cars in traffic to stop for a stop sign is for parking also.

  4. DRIVERS! If you park like fucking assholes, your shit will get key’d….

    i’m getting tired of people parking on 2 spots,

  5. No not this year I had another commitment on the same day. Sorry I missed it. But I heard it was crowded.

  6. Always has to be someone to add some sort of negativity to the board.  Just as there are dangerous drivers, there are motorcyclists that drive dangerously too.  Doesn’t mean we can’t all look out for each other.

  7. Whwsailboat on

    Yes, especially when they (the motorcyclest) race between cars on the Belt, don’t dare get in their way. And don’t complain when they zip down the street two blocks away and they sound like the SST taking off.

  8. Hey Ned,
    Any news or developments with the Paradise Club?    I’m a member at Varuna, next door and we’re wondering??????

  9. I would like to talk about Motorcycle Safety.  Just a friendly reminder to all the cars we share the road with,  please look out for us!  

  10. Ned you can’t take a nap you have to work 24 7 lol because you might be missing something in the neighborhood lol Your always there when somethings happening so you deserve a little nap a fews minutes is ok.