Can You Name This Old, Uh, Restaurant?


Gothamist ran this old Sheepshead Bay photo today, drawn from the city’s Municipal Archives, and captioned “Sheepshead Bay Restaurant, Emmons Avenue, August 5, 1953.”

Well, it looks a heckuva lot more like a bait-and-tackle and rowboat rental shop – and it also looks like it’s older than 1953 – but, hey, back then some of Sheepshead Bay’s old staples sold you a plate o’ clams for your gullet and a bucket of worms for the fishes’.

So, anyone recognize this place? If not a name, could you give it a location? Or, better yet, anyone know the bloke in the photo?

  • Georgia

    A wild guess the Barge on Emmons Avenue. I think it was accross the street from Lundys

    • There was a “Barge Restaurant” in the 80’s, but not in the spot you mention. I believe it was where Il Fornetto is now, or right next to it.

      • Il Fornetto was an Arthur Treacher’s Fish and chips.  I worked there, but that might have been the 70’s

        • She said that Lundy’s used to be on a pier?  -__-

          • Georgia

            Yes it was around 1920 then he builded accross the street later on in the 30’s.

  • Gimme till Friday.  That is when I will see my 80 year old Mother in law.  She lived in Brighten or Sheepshead Bay her entire life.  Needless to say, I will have to print the photo, :)

  • Georgia is correct. Gothamist did a terrible job here. If you go to the Municipal Archives Online Gallery and search for “Sheepshead,” a bunch of different photos of the same area come up. 

    This appears to be the actual restaurant with the rowboats shop in the background: I rehosted the image at Imgur because the MA’s URLs are crazy long.)Here’s a much sharper version of the photo in the original post: If you want to save or share the best possible versions of MA photos, use the method described in this post:

    • Ugh. Disqus removed a bunch of my line breaks. I hope the new Disqus 2012 version won’t do stuff like that. The Barge photo is here:

    • Georgia

      Thank you I was born & raised in this neighborhood I recall a lot of things like anyone else. As a little girl I remember that little building in back of the barge resturant.

  • nolastname

    Stella Maris?

    • Georgia

      The row boats were great I remember my father tought me how to use an out board motor lol

      • nolastname

        My first row boat on sea water was in 1963, I mainly remember complaining about the heat. LOL In the late 50’s I remember Prospect Park there were some low hanging trees for shade.

        • Georgia

          Yup those were the good old days lol

  • Stutag

    This is much older than 1953..Probably late 30’s or early 40’s.
    At the bottom there is another picture of the BARGE Restaurant.
    I remember it well…  I would probably guess that it would have been a little further East of where IL Fornetto is now.

  • us citizen

    I think the bloke is Alfred  Hitchcock

    • Brooklynpetey

      The gangplank?