Morning Mug: Summer Nights, 1973


From the photographer:

Nostrand Avenue, looking north toward Avenue Z
Brian Berliner’s ’65 Impala in the foreground*
POV is from the fire escape of Apt 2N, Sea Isle.
From original 35mm Kodacolor negative.

The asterisk indicates that Brian Berliner is now a doctor with a chiropractic office at 2572 East 15th Street, and is a reader of Sheepshead Bites. He also appears in Andy Baum’s 2010 music video, “Chips on the Ball.”

Photo by Andy Baum


  1.  Glad you liked the video.

    I’m not upset at all. Just wanted to do a video “rapping” in old Brooklynese, as it were.

  2. Loved the video.
    I guess the guy has the right to be upset that too many among the current neighborhood population don’t know the meaning of the expression “chips on the ball”.
    Brings to mind the ancient joke: “Why were the Indians here first? They had reservations”…

  3. Wow! Look how spotless the streets seem, and except for one of those Gestapo specials, look at all those Made in America cars! Ah, places of memory, both real and imagined! How sweet it was?!