Morning Mug: “Now That’s What I Call A ‘High’-brid!”


I cannot take credit for this post’s punny headline.

Photo by Allan Shweky

  • applegreen

    HAHA! its about time you guys post this up! Also the owner is pretty awesome too. :D

    • Guaranteed-alarm

      Thank You!!! 

  • Jesse @ XS LEASING

    Highly Recommended by XS LEASING – for all your aftermarket accessories!

    • Guaranteed-alarm

      Thank You!

  • Bella @ Infinite.

    Great staff, Great work, and awesome prices!!!

    • Guaranteed-alarm

      Thank You!!! 

  • Curious: where is that. and how recent is that photo, especially with the Bell Atlantic photo there?

    • applegreen

      Thats on coney island avenue, around guider avenue, i think. and its pretty recent, although the car is very old. 

      • nolastname

        The car has been there forever,,,,well almost. 10=20=30 years.

    • Guaranteed-alarm

      Hi, Even though the awning is pretty old,,(don’t want to change it..I think its pretty cool) the car is a Landmark…We’ve been in business since 1982.

      • Misha

        car is a landmark?  what are you talking about?  Know the meaning of landmark?
        yes, clever to keep it up there, because everyone associates you with “that shop with an old car on the roof”, but this is no landmark.

        • This car has been a neighborhood fixture for so long it should be landmarked.

          Part of the definition of a landmark is its aesthetic value.

  • TheUrbanographer

    I hope that car outlives us all.