Morning Mug: Gateway To Narnia?


I have no idea what this thing is — a picture frame with two openings, covered in algae? It was shot during low tide near Kingsborough.

Photo by Randy Contello


  1. Thebareheadedwoman on

    the Hulk’s belt buckle?  he never lost the pants but usually the button and the belt~chuckles~

  2. Whwsailboat on

    Your showing your age. Cinderblocks haven’t been made in years. Its a cement block.

  3. it was metal… not brick… no clue what it is… but it was about 8 inchs across, and just looked cool, why i took the shot lol

    sorta a green lantern feeling it gives me

  4. OK, Randy. I can’t tell if that’s a rust spot on the right…ergo buckle or how big the muscles are….possible portion of a cinderblock.
    Proportion man, if it was a cinderblock that would be some corse sand.
    I’m getting a headache.

  5. It’s not a thing I have much experience with in my daily life, so, as Steve Martin would say, “Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!”