Driver Slams Through Nostrand’s Wine Village Storefront


A Toyota Camry slammed into the glass storefront of Wine Village liquor store at 3827 Nostrand Avenue Sunday afternoon, leaving shattered glass and debris scattered around the strip mall.

The driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. The incident happened around 5:00 p.m., and the car was towed away about an hour later.

The incident mirrors a September 2010 accident, in which a car rolled through the storefront of Party City in the same shopping strip. And, in December 2011, directly across the street from Wine Village, a car struck the storefront of Nostrand Ice Cream Shop  (3824 Nostrand Avenue).

Thanks to Max Tasimowicz for the tip and photos.

Update (11:01 a.m.): This photo just came in from @Elankul:


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  • JR

    was the driver drunk? or did he just want a drink that bad… 

    • Russian_Cowboy

       no just a woman

  • The people whom own and work this store are the nicest most helpful people. I am glad no one i  The store was hurt:)

  • neighbor

    It was a man, 40’s, he told someone he thought his car was in reverse, clearly he was mistaken… stepped on the gas to back up and instead went forward.

  • i hate that liquor store  .. they always give you dirty looks .. and everything is overpriced .. but glad noone got hurt

  • Toubis

    Looks like he was driving a Toyota Camry…. Maybe the electronic throttle control malfunctioned… :)

  • Arlene Herring

    Anyone know how the people are who work there?

    • Arlene Herring

      Sorry…just read below that they’re apparently okay. (No way to delete or edit comments anymore?)

  • Bloombergsucks

    Not sure what some posters are talking about. This liquor store is fairly priced and always helpful. One of the few remaining which are. 

    • Valdemort

       Fairly priced?! You clearly haven’t visited ANY other liquor store in the BOROUGH! Best Buy liquors on Neptune Ave and Cropsey is the cheapest. This one has an ok selection of wine, but other than that I am yet to find a cheaper bottle of anything there.

  • Must have been those darned pedestrians again!