Behold: The Glorious Gunk Of Sheepshead Bay’s Waterfront!


This happens. A lot. And I guess it’s only natural that debris would be swept into the end of the Bay, accumulating in the corner until tides pull it back again.

But, crickies, that’s gross. I guess for every hundred Morning Mug shots we publish showing how gorgeous our waterfront can be, we should be running one or two of these to show the flip side. What do you think?

Photo by A.L.

  • NSF

    Been like that for decades

  • ShadowLock


    that is rather Disgusting……

  • nolastname

    If it is like this every low tide why has a program to remove it not been developed? 
    Ned, didn’t some group or organization want to have someone in a small boat take on the task?

    • Barkingspider07

      YUCK!!  I can’t see anyone wanting that job!

      • nolastname

        With the proper equipment I would do it……for a salary, or free eats at the restaurants!!!

    • nolastname

      Thanx NED, my question was answered.

  • Whwsailboat

    The difference between that and Emmons Ave. or SHB Road is that there is no one to sweep it or pick it up. The tide and currents will just push it somewhere else. What is needed is a marine sweeper.

    • I take it Parks Department does not own one, despite the marinas under their control.

      • Whwsailboat

        There is a sweeper boat (at least there was one a few years ago) that NYC runs in the harbor (Also the ACOE is involved). It does not come into SHB. The Bay Improvement Group proposed one (similar to SPLASHprograms in other waterfront communities) but of course there is no funding. You would think that the Sanitation Dept. would do this, after all they sweep the streets and the Bay is SHB’s main street attraction. But few really care abour the Bay anyway. You have to remember that virtually all the floating trash comes from the surrounding streets. Ranting about the “pigs” does litttle to addressd the problem. Clean streets occur because they are swept clean. No sweeping, no clean streets (or waterways).  But I guess we just like to pay less tax and complain.  

        • Whwsailboat

          Actually it is the DEP, not Sanitation that does the sweep:
          “DEP skimmer vessels are used to remove floatables from boomed sites. And in
          open waters like New York Harbor, floating debris is removed by the Skimmer
          Vessel Cormorant, DEP’s largest vessel in the floatables fleet.”
          When was the last time they came to SHB?

          • Cormorant

            The cormorant was taken out of service in 2010 and the city is actually selling it right now in Auction. They purchased two new ones but are waiting for delivery last I heard.

    • What’s needed is a sweeper to sweep out the human trash that does this.

  • guest

    Where do you think El Greco gets it’s ingredients. OOOOOO..thank you ladies and gentlemen I’ll be here all week.

    • Barkingspider07

      That was a cheap shot – true, but cheap!

  • ABayBay

    I love sheepshead b ay it is my home wouldnt be able to imagine moving somewhre, but honestly paying bills and paying for my education at KCC is more important, i think all the businesses on emmons avenue and sheepshead bay road should chip in for at least a monthly clean up of the bay. Afterall, in the long run it would only help their business somehow maybe. This would also open somekind of a income for college students lik myself that would not mind cleaning the bay since all these fancy busimen dont want to get their hands dirty. I dont know its just a thought

    • Whwsailboat

      A few yeas ago the Bay Improvement Group reached out to KCC to interest them in a SPLASH program cleaning the harbor with students etc. They were not interested.

      • BIG Steve

        Correct! BIG SPLASH is modeled after the successful SPLASH in LI.

  • anonymous new yorker

    The problem with most New Yorkers is that…. they litter without a care in the world.  I live in New York and I think it’s disgusting.  Every single street in New York has pieces of trash flying around.  It’s disgusting that most New Yorkers treat their city like a trash can.  If anyone gets a chance, I recommend visiting Toronto.  If you litter there, they would shout at you and tell you to take your trash.  The streets there is… very clean.  Almost everyone there has a good habit of actually throwing their trash into trash cans.

    • Whwsailboat

      Its not magic nor do they not have trash. Litter is universal. Only the communities response is different:

    • Have you seen the videos on youtube? Try shouting at someone for throwing their trash on the floor in NY. You better have your dukes up; they will come right at you, maybe a group of people, fists flying. And you’ll be lucky if it’s just fists.

      I’ve seen enough youtube stuff to not do that. If the city won’t crack down on wrongdoers, I’m certainly not Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood, much as I’d like to be….

  • Dicesmom1

    Ah yes, buy a $14 million dollar house and this can be all yours too!

  • Tinafg

    I stopped into Steve Cybrowitz’s office years ago about this.  They said that many people have voiced their concerns and no matter who they contact, no one wants to take responsibility.  The fisherman definitely dump their cut up fish.  Not sure about their garbage though.  They said they were going to keep investigating………….  My poor Sheepshead Bay.  8~{

    • Whwsailboat

      Don’t see any cut up fish there. Seagulls and crabs usually take care of that although fish scraps shouldn’t be dumped into the Bay. But most of the garbage comes from the streets and sewars around the Bay. There are far more residents around the bay than fisherman and boaters on the water.

    • Thebareheadedwoman

      in which case SB definitely SHOULD keep posting stuff like this.

  • A.L’s daughter.

    Yes, it’s disgusting. I’m actually the one who took the picture. It’s been like this for as long as i can remember.

  • Jodydogs

    about ten years ago Anthony Weiner had his picture taken on a special boat that scoops up the floatsam.  Too bad he didnt deliver on the promise of that special boat will be back mutiple times during the year to clean up that floating crap.

    • Whwsailboat

      It was probably the NYC DEP boat. City/state pols need to take action.

  • Richard Peters

    It,s nasty but it,s been there as long as I can remember.(48 years)

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