Barcode Kosher Cafe Opens On Kings Highway


Barcode Cafe opened at 822 Kings Highway in January, serving kosher coffee and more.

The location was previously Hookah Coffee Shop, a bodega serving coffee, tea, shisha and falafel.

It’s great to see new businesses opening  their doors. Good luck, Barcode Cafe.

  • Oh my, and it’s kosher…will check it out.

  • ShadowLock

    Repair your watch, while sipping on some Java! 

  • Howard from Midwood

    Many businesses come and go on that part of Kings Highway. 
    Hopefully they will do well if they offer a good product.

  • Gene2T

    I dont believe in Kosher.. I really dont think that every time it says Kosher.. it really is.

  • Mrj656

    Looks like a shadey place

    • Mrj656

      Shady* :)