At $14 Million, Ocean Parkway Home Carries Brooklyn’s Highest Price Tag!


Source: Rich Caplan/

An Ocean Parkway home made headlines yesterday when it hit the market for $14 million – giving it the heftiest price tag for a single-family home in all of Brooklyn.

At 2134 Ocean Parkway, this five bedroom, 9,200-square-foot home boasts an elevator, two kitchens, a master bedroom with balcony and French doors, art-nouveau staircase, and is “touched with limestone accents and finished in two-tone stucco and an authentic green terracotta style Spanish roof,” according to the listing.

A family has owned the home since 1992 and decided to put it on the market – furnished or unfurnished – since their children have grown up and moved out, according to The Real Deal.

The property’s agent, Ryan Serhant, told the New York Daily News that picking a price was a difficult task, with few known comparables in the area’s Syrian Sephardic community.

“This area trades mostly within its own community which brought the prices to where they are,” Serhant said.

The Gravesend area and its Sephardic community have been nabbing top slots for residential real estate pricetags for several years now. In 2009, 2111 East 2nd Street sold for $10.26 million, spurring Brownstoner to scoff, “Holy moly! … It’s definitely the biggest sale of this year, and probably one of the top 10 or so biggest house sales in the borough ever.” A home around the corner at 450 Avenue S sold in 2011 for $10.25 million, just shy of the $11 million sale of 451 Avenue S across the street in 2005.

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  • Barkingspider07

    Wow!  What a beautiful home – looks just like mine!  (I wish!!)

    This was just on NBC news.  They said that the house was in Sheepshead Bay.  I knew it wasn’t.  Gravesend – now that makes sense.  Hope that they can sell it.  I wish that I had $14MM.   It would be all mine!

  • Beautiful, but for 14 mill I’ll go live in Manhattan. Or better yet not spend 14 million on the house at all.

    • ShadowLock

       i agree with this. Might as well go live in Manhattan.

    • guest

      You’re right definitely more bang for your buck in Manhattan.

    • I’d rather buy a modest home and have the large remainder of  the money for traveling, security, computers, and other things.

      • us citizen

         if you got the bread 4 the house you probably have enuf to travel also

  • Dicesmom1

    I just looked up the word “gaudy” in the dictionary and this house was pictured right next to it. It’s 13 million five hundred thousand too much.

  • i love that bathroom; wouldn’t really know what to do with the rest lol

  • ShadowLock


    I always wanted to see what it looks like inside!  these photo’s are amazing.

    i Would LOVE this house. 

    • Gene2T

      nahh.. shitty location.. no public transportation nearby and.. lots of noise 

      • guest

        People who buy 14 million dollar homes don’t worry about public transportation. You’re thinking like a commoner

        • Gene2T

          No.. I’m being pragmatical. 

          Guest, you should have used peasant instead of a commoner ,  Say it the way you mean it. 

          BTW good luck with sale  

          • guest

            No commoner works. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a commoner I am one too. I look for easy access to public transportation as well when getting an apartment. But someone who can afford a 14 million dollar home, especially in this area or lets say Manhattan Beach or Mill Basin is not so interested in being close to a train. Its not even so much of a money thing since the rich people in Brooklyn Heights who also pay millions for their homes do want to live near the subway.

          • Gene2T

            you are not entirely correct, I know people from MB who commute to work by bus and then by train.

          • guest

             yes commute to works perhaps and only because they might work in Manhattan or somewhere where driving to inst as easy, but I doubt they would take a bus to go to the store or the movies, they drive their cars.

      • guest

        The Avenue U bus-B3 is right on the corner and the F train is about 5 small blocks away and the Q line is about 8 blocks away in the other direction??????

  • Gene2T

    I’m surprised these people did not pronounce themselves royalty ! Maybe they did.. to themselves! 

  • Jgd

    only in America would something this ugly go for $14m..

    •  No, only in Gravesend. In most places ugly can be gotten for much cheaper than this.

  • Local Broker

    Its interesting that they are marketing this house to the whole world. Usually all of these deals are done privately within the community. No one outside of their community is going to buy this anywhere near these numbers. Interesting to see how this plays out.

  • BK718

    2 huge beds in the master bedroom?? Why?  One for sleeping in and one for playing on?

    • Localknowitall

      Most likely because of Jewish practices. Husband and wIfe should not sleeP on the same bed when wife is menstruating

      • Woooh

        Whatttt?!? Lol!

    • guest

      In the Jewish religion, husband and wife are not allowed to sleep together during the woman’s time of the month. And I believe several days before and several days after until she takes the ritual bath to cleanse and purify her body. They are also not allowed to touch in public..

  • frankiev

    Must be the same people who designed the “Grand Prospect Hall. Where all your dreams come true”.  : )

  • brooklyn native

    Isn’t it great that everyone in America can get the home of their dreams? 
    Wonder who’s going to buy.  I don’t think it’s going to be on the market for long at all.

  • nolastname

    Plenty of room for parking. lol
    I imagine it would be some ones 2nd or 3rd home.
    Not a great first choice unless the family lived near by.

  • Cindy

    that is what I call GAUDY!!  

  • Nyckat

    I have always loved this home! but man I couldn’t even afford the taxes on the place!

    • Georgia

      Only the city knows how much the taxas are lol. They most likley will reach mars lol

      • The annual tax bill is around $14, 000. These things are public information. Property taxes are not based on the actual price tag of the home, but on an average of all homes in the area.

        • Georgia

          Yes I think they go in a reidous of 5 miles or so. $14,000. that could make your hair fall out a lot of dough. But then again if someone can offored a house like this the taxes are no problem.

  • Wisk

    I wonder if they are in the laundry business.  Money laundering that is.  No, I am not kidding either.

  • The house’s interior is so mismatched. It’s really ugly on the inside and so much of it is so unnecessary. Especially the room with the 2 huge king beds!

    • Barkingspider07

      It is very old fashioned, but pretty. The 2 beds are there for a reason. At a certain time of a month, the Orthodox couples do not sleep together – the wife has to go to her own bed.  If you notice, the home also has 2 kitchens – one is for meat, one is for dairy.

    • NI51965

      Good thing you won’t be going inside to dee it.

    • derp

      I hate the living area. Stiff, ugly couches and cold marble floors. No warmth or inviting atmosphere. Looks like a funeral home.

  • Barkingspider07

    In response to Risk – sorry, my reply stopped working.

    I highly doubt that they are in the money laundering business.  I have noticed that the Orthodox Jewish people take very good care of one another.  If one does not have money and needs something, family and friends jump in and come to the rescue.  I wish my family was that good to me. 

  • Old Sheepshead Hand

    Remember those 1980’s comedies about class warfare? Caddyshack and the like…Yep, this is the house that would be owned by the Rich Bad Guy. I see Ted Knight and Richard Crenna living in it as we speak. Paging Rodney Dangerfield or John Candy to move in and shake up the neighborhood.

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  • guest

    These people are some of the richest in the world. If any of you don’t know, we lived right here. This house is like pocket change to them. Like throwing the three pennies in change you get in 7-11 in the give a penny take a penny tray. They all have multiple homes across the globe. That guy that died in Monaco several years ago in the house fire-Edward Safra, he owned Safra Bank in Manhattan. His wife Lily Safra is listed as one of the ten richest women in the world. I have the article in Fortune Magazine from several years ago. Whenever you see those artworks going for 10’s of millions of dollars on the news, she is usually the one buying them. They bought two homes and knocked them down to build this house. On E 4th ST, between Avenue T and Avenue U, (Right near where they filmed the Godfather-don’t forget the cannolis scene.) One of them bought out the whole block of attached homes. The old timers see $$$ signs and took it. Changed the whole face of the neighborhood. Anyway, they knocked all the homes down, it looked like the South Bronx in the 70’s. Where there once was about 40 families, there now stands about 8 McMansions……..

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  • john f kennedy

    this is the nicest most beautiful beast quality house I would buy it for 14 million all I need is the landlord’s phone number

  • derp

    Vweee make yo dtreams gom truuuuuu.

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