Sheepshead Bay Rd. Sambo Center Getting Overhaul


Photo by Erica Sherman

The space that hosted the old Combat Sambo Center – closed for a few years now – has been undergoing what appears to be a gut renovation for the past several days. We always thought this would make a good location for Sheepshead Bites headquarters, but, alas, not so soon.

Anyone know what’s coming to town?


  1. This was actually the office space used for the GlenGary GlenRoss movie shoot years ago.

  2. You could totally scope out the ‘hood from the window and get great photos of the surrounding area without ever leaving the office. That would rule. Plus, you could call up 7-11, say, “Yo dawg, get my chili cheese dog and a super slurpee ready,” then put your $$ in a basket, lower it out the window, they can put your food in the basket and you can hoist it back up — it’s win-win for everyone.