Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot To Open Within The Week


Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot, the newest outpost from the family that brought us the legendary Randazzo’s Clam Bar, is setting up shop just a few blocks from the Emmons Avenue staple, at 1520 Sheepshead Bay Road.

An employee on site said the sandwich shop will open within a week or so, assuming there aren’t any permit problems with the city.

Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot will feature cold cut sandwiches, paninis, wraps and salads alongside a handful of hot subs and breakfast items. The location’s “signature sandwiches” heros are priced at $8.50.

Bay News was the first to report on the planned location back in January, saying it was slated to open then.

The location was previously occupied by Grill Master, which closed up shop in August 2011.


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  • Arthur Borko

    Am I the only one that thinks 6.50 should be the cap for a decent hero?

    • Gene2T

      No.. Im with you on this one.  

      I’m tired of run away prices in the area… and that is why I get my hero’s at Bassett’s

      Jimmy’s heroes is out of their fucking minds… hero there is over 10! and they taste like shit too

      • I’m pretty sure I wasn’t charged 10 bucks…

      • geneee

        lol jimmys is outrageous. turkey, roast beef & swiss was $10.50 3 weeks ago!

    • ces

      I think it really depends of what type of hero. 

    • geneee

      it depends on the meats i guess. a ham and american cheese isnt going to be the same price as prosciutto and provolone. right?

    • NI51965

      That is what a foot long cold cut hero,made to order,on fresh baked bread,costs at my local supermarket chain

  • Tater1112

    Randazzo should focus on what they have traditionally known to do well, seafood. Nowadays their lobster is overcooked and chewy, shrimp are just flat out disgusting, and fish filets are very greasy. I will continue to eat at their Emmons Ave. location, even though their food is subpar. Appreciate the effort to bring heroes to Sheepshead Bay, but get you act together, seriously….

    • NI51965

      Why would you eat at that over priced place with bad food?

    • I reluctantly agree with you. Randazzos on Emmons seems to have taken a slow turn downward in quality through the years. I hardly go anymore for that reason. For those prices, I  think I can find better food. Here’s hoping they read some of this and get back to the old ways.

    • geneee

      you dont make any sense. 

  • applegreen

    I think that spot would have been pretty awesome for a smoothie serving place. its tiny no place to sit and on the way to the train station or bus. 

  • hey, it’s an  established business that maybe will stay. Bring it on! I’ll decide whether it’s worth the price. 


  • Chris B

    A bowl of soup at Randazzo’s is $8. Have not been there in years because they are just way out of whack with reality price wise.  

  • geneee

    wow i’m actually pretty happy they are opening now after reading this stuff earlier… 

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