It must be something in the air. In the past two weeks, Sheepshead Bay has seen several brutal crimes in the area, as neighbors turned on neighbors.

What next, squirrel-on-squirrel violence? Yup!

Reader nolastname spotted this squirrel chomping down on another squirrel earlier in the day. Sitting on the sidewalk, she appeared to be preparing a nice squirrel stew with a side of acorn and some sap-infused Chianti.

What’s causing this mayhem? Must be the tough economy.

Just kidding!

This ol’ gal was just carrying her youngin around like a cat, back and forth across a street. She stopped and struck a pose for the camera.

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  • PayPaul

     Blame it on the early spring. Both humans and those animals who walk on all fours have got the fever!

    • nolastname

      Yup, I am all ready seeing mama sparrows trying to ditch annoying, hungry younguns. The calico cat on my block had a litter (somewhere?) about 2 weeks ago.
      It’d be nice if some things we eat multiply. 

  • tinafg

    Hope the baby wasn’t a boy!

    • barkingspider07

      You’re not kidding Tina.  Yowch!!!

  • Bruce B

    geez, next thing you know, Levp will be fighting with NSF!