Open Thread: Let’s Talk About Business…


… especially the businesses that support Sheepshead Bites.

We all know Sheepshead Bay shines during the summers, when weekends are spent with lazy strolls down Emmons Avenue’s waterfront, across the footbridge and to the beach – and when weekdays are spent at work, fantasizing about those weekend strolls.

So, this summer, make sure you check out these great businesses that support local independent news. Many of them, like Masal Cafe, Aqualina Crab & Seafood Bistro and Millenium Theatre, make for great summer dates!

  • Ate in Istanbul Saturday night. excellent.

  • Eating in the neighborhood restaurants are great  but lets not forget about our neighborhood service based businesses such as your local plumbers and drain cleaners!

    • randyice

       and photographers!

    • It’s true. The last thing you want in hot weather is a stuffed toilet. Which is exactly the problem we’re facing in the Bites office thanks to a certain teammate named… uh… Fobert Rernandez…

      • ES

        Nice going, Fobert. Not that I would ever even have used that bathroom anyway. The acoustics in there are so awkward, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people up the block could hear you take a leak.

      •  Your operation just gets bigger all the time. No wonder the toilet is clogged.

      • nolastname

        Bites has an office?

      • Now I know a lot of s**t goes into the office as well as comes out of it…

        Just kidding, couldn’t resist

      • Fobert

        Wasn’t me. I just discovered the mess left behind by a Mr. Bed Jerke

      • Arthur Borko

        Good thing I wasn’t there. You’d never get that clog out!

  • I have a nature related question.
    I have seasonal allergies for years now. Every spring to midsummer my eye tear and nose run. I’m not sure what it is that is blooming but that’s what is makes my life a living hell. This year it started early, last night to be exact.
    I wonder what is that yellow pollen that I see all over cars these days? Does anyone know? What plant has already bloomed?

    • nolastname

      It’s the trees.

    • Hope it’s not the same spores all over Kirk and Spock on that planet that caused Spock to fall in love with Jill Ireland. Then again, one could do worse than Jill Ireland….or Mr Spock for that matter…

  • Peppertree5706

    Summer in Sheepshead Bay is great.