Neighborhood Staple Roy’s Bike Shop Expands With New Storefront


Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop (2679 Coney Island Avenue) is expanding, having taken over their next door neighbor’s storefront.

The new wing will open in early May, the business’ owner told us, and will be a showroom exclusively for Cannondale Bicycles equipment and merchandise. Cannondale helped pay for the expansion and set up of the new location.

The owner tells us that by securing the new location and moving all their Cannondale products there, they’ll be able to expand their lineup of other manufacturers’ products in the main store.

Congrats to Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop, one of the city’s oldest and most respected cycling establishments.

  • Chknmstr264

    I think it’s AWESOME that in this POOR economic climate Roy’s is Expanding!!! They are GOOD PEOPLE and DESERVE this success….. Many Many Good Years ahead for them !!!!

    • barkingspider07


  • NSF

    Parents bought my first bike at Roy’s and I bought several more there over the years. A reliable local business, that in the is tough economy, appears to be thriving.
    That’s great news!

  • Wing Man

    Roy’s used to be on Sheepshead Bay Road next to Del Mar

  • American_Girl

    That is wonderful news. I hope their business continues to keep thriving.  It’s
    nice to see that this long term establisment is still here.  Keep up the good work.

  •  I thought that they had to decided to rent this location a few years back. Then nothing came of it. In fact, there may be a Sheepshead Bites story on a “promotion”  they did, using this location to provide water during one of our heat waves.

    • frankiev

      They used the spot temporarily after a fire in their service department.

      • That’s right, I remember now. There were people that were disappointed when they moved it back after the reconstruction.

        Thanks, it was driving me crazy trying to remember.

  • MIKE


  • nolastname

    Good luck to them. I hope they don’t raise their prices any higher than they all ready are.

  • This just goes to show that a small business CAN compete against the wider world and internet. All it takes is solid customer service and a relationship with those customers. If people VALUE the service you provide they’ll give you their business even if there is a cheaper option available. 

  • SpewHole

    Good for them.  I hope they do well.

  • bagels

    It’s great to see this business thriving. I used to go there all the time when I was first married and lived in a small apartment on east 1st. Then i moved into Marine park and it became too much of  trek to get over there for minor repairs and whatnot. Now i go to Harry’s on Flatbush. It’s a basic bike shop with absolutely no glitz but it does the job. I think it’s time to start my week end bike rides to prospect park. Sunday afternoons can be very interesting.