Morning Mug: Prey, Tell What Do You See?


From the photographer:

Maybe I’m stretching the limits a bit, but the way I see it, when you look at the top of this dead tree at the west side of Marine Park, your imagination almost makes it look like a bird if prey is perched there or someone sculpted an eagle, hawk or falcon at the top.

That from the guy who once said:

Ain’t it great when our mind conjures up such wonder?  Alas, to me puffy clouds are just cotton balls in the sky.

Anyhow, I see a giraffe.

Photo by Neil Friedman

  • BrooklynBus

    I immediately saw the “bird” before even reading the article.

  • nolastname

    I see a skull of some oxen with horns.

    • BrooklynBus

      That has to mean something if this were a Rorschack test.

      • JR

        clearly its superman

      • nolastname

         “staring down into bloody hell”. LOL

  • Andrew Kent

    Oh joy!  Oh raptor!

  • tinafg

    Oh cool!  Yeah!  It does!