The photographer mentioned in an email that he would especially like for me to use this photo of his feet, because this way, he said, “I can say there was a photo of me on Sbites.”

And that is our job here at Sheepshead Bites — to try and make dreams comes true.

Photo by Boris Shekhman

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  • nolastname

    Yeah, OK. I have a few pictures of body parts I’d like posted. LOL
    Nice sneakers. Don’t jump into the tranquil water, it runs deep.

    • Tinman

      Please, keep your private body parts private. Don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day, do ya?

      • nolastname

        I did not mention private parts. Because you did I will say I consider myself average in looks and shape. Kinda’ like Michael Angelo’s women. If it ruins your day take a pill for it. LOL

        • nolastname

          And WhereTF are you coming from Tinman?

          • MrArtTuro

            Ummm,  was that rant in English?

          • nolastname

            What part did you not understand? Are you looking to bust my chops? Do you want to make insulting remarks? Read back pal.

  • Boris S.

    Yes! My 15 minutes of fame. Thanks Erica. Thank you to my mother, those who supported me, and a big thanks to the Academy.