Manhattan Beach Bicycle Accident Was No Accident At All; “Cyclist” Arrested For Trespassing


Oriental Boulevard and Amherst Street (Source: Google Maps)

A man’s claims that he was riding his bicycle on Oriental Boulevard yesterday when a white SUV struck him and then took off turned out to be phony, police sources told Sheepshead Bites. In actuality, the supposed victim was the perp – a man nabbed for allegedly trespassing in a neighbor’s yard.

Police described the 24-year-old perp as a “bad character” with a rap sheet that includes nine previous arrests.

According to authorities, a vigilant neighbor spotted the perp looking through backyards and peering into cars. She snapped a photo of him with her cell phone and called police. The suspect then took off on his bicycle, and the neighbor began following him. The suspect then took his bike and threw it down on Oriental Boulevard and Amherst Street, laid on the floor and claimed the neighbor hit him with her car.

EMS responded to the scene and found the suspect without a scratch on him, and police pieced together the story.

The 24-year-old is charged with trespassing and menacing.


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  • a good neighbor

    technology: it could be both good and bad depending on how you use it. 

  • Arthur Borko

    Well well, the truth comes out!

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  • Willie3051

    It’s a relief to know that a driver who owns the road did not casue this accident.

  • Local Broker

    Where are all the bikers comments on this story. He was obviously framed by the driver.

  • I think someone on the board, who shall remain nameless, (though the name begins with lost and ends with inservice) owes some people an apology. You have some ‘splainin to do Looosee!

       Just joshin with ya man.  Just shows all of us not to jump to conclusions. None of us were even close as to what happened!

    • Arthur Borko

      I dunno, I presumed that the cyclist lied….I hit that nail on the head.

      • Arthur, your cynicism is bound to be right once in awhile. But this doesn’t establish a rule.

        • Yeah, but the nail on the head’s got you thinking, I’ll betcha…

    • Guest

       i was correct as well. I hope lost shuts her trap from now on thinking that bikers have the right of way. Drivers own the road!

      • Go read the article about the woman who was killed on Avenue S.

        Cars are vehicles of destruction that need to be controlled.

        • Local Broker

          Do you also blame knives as these evil objects when someone get stabbed?

          • The real question is whether the hostility towards bicyclists has a general basis in truth or not. I suspect not.

          • Local Broker

            Good job avoiding the question.

      • Lost is a woman? Why am I shocked when a contributor is a woman?

        • nolastname

          Because some of us run with (brass) balls. LOL

          • Barkingspider07

            That’s right nolastname – you tell ’em!

  • nolastname

    Ha. Ha,ha,ha.

  • Guest

    Alright lostinservice, where are you hiding?

    • BrooklynBus

      He’s lost in service.

      My question is what about te part of the story about the driver leaving the scene of the”accident”. Guess that was made up also. Even if the person did leave, it was okay because there was no accident.

    • Come on, piling on is a 15 yard penalty, and lacks class. She ain’t the first person to make a jackass of herself here. I make it part of my daily routine.

      • Guest

         Considering how much shit she tries to make drivers eat she’s had it coming for a long time.

      • nolastname

        I thought jackass was mandatory. LOL

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