Jimmy’s Italian & Turkish Fusion Smashup Bash Party…


Photo by Amy

… is what this place should have been called. If for no other reason than it’s fun to yell really loudly like it’s a late-night cable TV commercial.


My office-mates hate me right now.

Anyway, Jimmy’s Italian & Turkish Cuisine is now open at 3099 Emmons Avenue, replacing Ukranian restaurant Old Castle.


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  • Vglusker

    what are they serving? shish kebob parm?

  • Send in Robert ASAP.

  • Chrissyy718

    I heard the prices are a lil crazy…How is the food???

  • RussianChick

    Old Castle is hands down my least favorite Russian restaurant. And I’ve been to SOOOO many. This is a weird mix, but it can’t be worse then Old Castle. 

  • Sokant

    I just get their fliers today – way overpriced!

    • Xjeconex

      just ate there today theyvwerent bad price the plates of food were great for the prices and service were great!

  • I went today, and i had dinner at this restaurant and the food was Excellent <3 And the place looks Gorgeouss 

  • Jayjayskillsz

    hey guys. i had a small get together with all my familt at this place. food was so good. and service was very fast. waiters and worker were very nice. the food prices were great bcause the plates were huge. had to take it to goo i was stuffed. if i could rate i would rate 10 stars no problem. thank guys for the wonderful meals!


    i was there last night food was off the hook good!!! And the prices are good < you can count on me goin back there for now on

  • geneee

    you know its bad when a business puts up bullshit postings about how good they are under bogus names. lol.

    • Brooklynjoeyboyy

      hey, im 54 yrs old. i went to eat there with my mother i never had a good plate of food before it my life 54 yrs. my mother said if she could eat at jimmys every night she would. dont talk bad about a place of business, just because u cant afford to eat there or ur just jealous u dont have a business…. btw who ever at jimmys knows how to use a computer and sees this lowife coming bad about you dont worry, i kno ur food was wonderful and i enojyed every minute of it thanks. be back soon.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      • geneee

        cool first post lolll

    • You might have something there. But maybe it’s just misguided apprehension. They’re nervous that no one will come.

  • Barkingspider07

    TO JOEYBOYY – (Sorry, my “reply” would not go through)
    Joeyboyy – and others who write in abreviations – Please don’t write in abbreviations.  I have poor vision as it is, and this makes it worse and gives me a headache.  Plus, it makes people look dumb. 

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