DOT To Reconsider Oriental Blvd’s Blinking Yellow Light


In October 2010, a 4-year-old was struck and killed by a bus one block from the location for a proposed traffic light.

After years of demanding the Department of Transportation change Oriental Boulevard’s flashing yellow light to a full traffic light at Ocean Avenue, the community’s two civic groups and Councilman Michael Nelson  have convinced the agency to take another look at the intersection.

Councilman Nelson announced yesterday that DOT’s Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Joseph Palmieri agreed to conduct a new survey at the location beginning this week to determine if the number of pedestrians regularly crossing this intersection, and the amount of vehicular traffic there, warrants a change from the flashing yellow light to a traffic light..

“I am pleased that DOT has decided to revisit this issue. For years I have been urging DOT to replace that flashing yellow light, which is often confusing to pedestrians and motorists alike,” said Nelson.

The agreement comes 18 months after the death of 4-year-old Evan Svirsky, who, along with his mother, was struck by a bus on Oriental Boulevard in October 2010. The accident happened on Falmouth Street, one block from the flashing light. Afterwards, Svirsky’s mother, Irina Liberman, demanded better traffic control measures along the drag, including converting the yellow light to a full traffic light which could have slowed the bus that killed her son.

“There’s no indication [of the playground at that location],” Liberman said in 2010. “I speak for all mothers. This is a tragedy and there’s no indication but a yellow light and people are speeding. A blinking light. That’s it. Always speeding.”

Liberman’s demand echoed years of complaints from both the Manhattan Beach Community Group and the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association that the yellow light was an exercise in futility. Traffic safety proposals from both groups were sent to the DOT in late 2010 and early 2011, including the demand to reconsider the intersection for a full-fledged traffic light.

The city has repeatedly stated over the years that the volume of traffic at that intersection is too low to meet federal guidelines to warrant the change.


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  3. Because they have hated each other for years because Nelson supports the rival group, not them. Now they are trying to get back on his good side. It’s all politics.

  4. Does anybody else find it peculiar that the Manhattan Beach Community Group publicly blasted Nelson numerous times at their meetings and than makes a hero out of him after he helps with the traffic light. Talk about being two faced.

  5. Because they want you to stop even if there is no traffic. They want you to stop whether there is traffic or not. You are correct that signals near schools are only needed a few hours a day. DOT wants them every few blocks to control speeding. That is not the purpose of traffic signals. The school signals are the reason for the bulk of new signals in the last 20 years. They are also purposely out of sync and have slowed traffic and caused much congestion and air pollution. They have renamed congestion traffic calming.

  6. Curious: is there a reason why NYCDOT does not consider more actuated signals on  lesser thoroughfares that would require either a car approaching or a button pressed to turn the signal red on the main thoroughfare?

  7.  That my friend is how I feel about all these bumps being placed on streets. They are ridiculous and will not deter anything except drivers moods. I feel the same way with traffic lights near schools. They should be in effect from 7am-11pm Monday-Friday. Weekends they should be off. Lights are going up all over the place, streets are being cut from two to one lane and it is all bullshit.

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  9. I disagree. I live right there and I often see cars slowing down and even stopping at the flashing yellow to let cars make turns. It is not useless. Funny that on all this time no one sought to solicit th opinions of the residents of the dead end block who would be inconvenienced for 20 hours a day by having to stop for up to one minute when there is zero traffic on Oriental Blvd.

    If a full signal is installed, there either should be sensors or right turns on red should be allowed since the traffic problem exists for 4 hours a day. There is no reason to cause traffic congestion, air pollution, and waste prople’s time and gas for the other 20 hours a day.

  10. Enough already with the “Federal Guidelines” excuse.  That didn”t stop the City from putting traffic lights every 200 feet along Avenue’s S & T from Ocean Ave. to Coney Island Ave. were none existed for decades. A flashing light here is as useless as the one installed along Gerritsen Avenue that does absolutely nothing.  People there are forced to cross the stree at their own risk to get to the Library, Church, Ballfield, and Playground.  How about just using common sense and putting traffic lights where they will actually protect people. One only has to look at the light that was placed on McDonald Avenue between Ave. S and Ave. T to realize that the City clearly uses discretion in applying the “Federal” rules when and if they see fit.