SUV Flips On Bedford Avenue, Victim Taken To Hospital



A silver SUV took a turn for the worse yesterday evening, flipping over near the intersection of Bedford Avenue and Avenue T.

According to New York State Buff, emergency responders pulled a victim out of the vehicle and transported them to the hospital with injuries.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m., quickly followed by a tip from Sheepshead Bites reader Taryn T., who described the scene.

“Not sure what, but I was driving by and the streets are blocked with huge crowds,” Taryn wrote. “What I can tell there is a fire truck and a few police cars.”

  • Anonymous

    how fast you would have to travel in nissan murano for that car to flip?

    • Anonymous

      LOL i really hate math problems…..

      i’d say 70 and making 1 REALLY SHARP turn.

    • Barkingspider07

      Damn fast – and/or make fast turns.  SUVs, especially the big ones are infamous and always have been.

  • was pretty bad damage to the outside of the car but the inside really protected the driver…it was actually a nissan rogue and from the looks of the bottom of the car, it didnt have a spec of dirt on it, it must have been brand new…..
    i posted some videos of the accident and the nypd flipping the car back over…


    • Anonymous

      nice!! New car, fast drive, good weather! perfect combo for an idiot