Photo: Saturday A.M. Car Accident On East 12th St.


Tipster Ilan S. sent in the above photo of a car accident on East 12th Street between Kings Highway and Avenue R.

According to Ilan, the driver was coming out of the driveway on East 12th Street when his pedal got stuck, causing him to go backwards down the block, eventually striking a parked car. Both vehicles ended up on the curb.

We’re glad to see no one was seriously injured, though EMS was on the scene. Thanks to Ilan for the heads up.


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  • a good neighbor

    driver must be the toyota one i bet? 

  • Sfgsdsd

    peddle? really? nyehhh

  • Electro227

    Actually it’s true… I’m the tipster. From people who saw what happened: the driver of the hyoundai was backing out
    Of his driveway when the peddle got stuck. Instead of swinging out
    The correct way he swung the other way because there is a
    Drive way on the other side and no cars. But be could not regain control and swung into the parked Toyota.

  • guest

    ;) its gas PEDAL. same as brakes > breaks.

    • God forbid somebody make a typo every now and then.

      Oh, and it’s “it’s” not “its.” And the first word in a sentence is usually capitalized. 

  • NI51965

    The old blame it on the gas pedal excuse. Why couldn’t he use his feet,to step on the brake?