Photo: Car Vs. Bus Shelter, Avenue Z & E. 13th Street


Photo by David T.

In the ongoing war between private and public transportation, there is no compassion, no kindness, no mercy. No one is spared, not even innocent bus shelters standing by the side of the road, doing nothin’ to nobody. Everything is fair game, and curbs mean nothing to menacing, bloodthirsty vehicles out to slay their public transit counterparts and claim dominance over the roadways…

Hey, maybe we’re jumping to conclusions. Perhaps a cyclist did this?

Avenue Z and East 13th Street, around 7:00 a.m. Thanks to David T. for the tip and photo.


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  • brooklyn native

    No one heard anything, saw anything, called 311 or 911….  And of course, no one cleaned up anything.  It’s like Sheepshead Bay isn’t part of the rest of Brooklyn. Or New York….  

    • Anonymous

      it’s not :) it’s a part of cherry hill , NJ :)

    • BrooklynBus

      Must not disturb the evidence at a crime scene. At least no one was waiting for the bus at the time.

  • I heard a rabid gang of shopping carts did this…

    • brooklyn native

      I always thought so, but could never find proof….  and now they strike again.

    • nolastname

      One of the culprits became suicidal.

  • Somebrooklyndude

    Hate to poo poo all over a good car hate post but according to google street view there are two fire hydrants placed in such a way that it would be kind of tricky to a car to wiggle in and take out just the bus stop.  If this is the same but stop there would be cars parked directly to the left and a hydrant right in front of it and to o the right.  I can think of more than a few other explanations for this.

    • BrooklynBus

      Let’s hear them.

      • Vodka, Lots of Vodka.

        • Anonymous

           While taking a bump of Coke.

    • Anonymous

      This is the bus stop.  Lets hear your Explanations to a none existent hydrant, if anything there is a Mailbox there…… but it’s a bit far from the actual shelter.

  • Felix

    I was sitting there when this happened. It was a dark blue range rover driven by a blond Russian woman. She came to a stop after she smashed through the bus stop. I ran over to see if she was alright but she sped away. I didn’t get a chance to to see the whole license plate but I believe it started with FAP 2 something.

    • Supervillian

      snitches get stiches

      • Felix

         come to el greco parking lot tonight at 7:45 PM. We’ll see who gets the stiches then.

      • nolastname

        Said the little bitches. LOL

    • Al Knowles

      The license plate started with FAP, or she was FAP-worthy?   Or both?

  • I left work early to get to the El Greco parking lot for 7:45 and for what? There was no bus stop destruction snitch rumble.  Next time please send out a cancelation notice!

    • Murry

      Master Plumber, I believe you have a couple of screws loose. El Greco is on Emmons Ave and Sheepshead bay Road.

      • Murry, I think maybe you don’t read all the coments posted before commenting on mine.  Or maybe it jusyt went over your head.  Don’t pass judgement on my screws and I won’t pass any on your intelligence.

    • Nick, you’re my hero.

  • MrArtTuro

    Okay enough already! I am sorry! It was my fault. 
    You see I was thirsty so while walking in the Bay and drinking my Diet Coke, I inadvertently Dropped my Mento in the bottle.  It wasn’t pretty. 

  • Unlike everyone else in this thread making jokes, I was there and got the whole thing on video. Although kidding in the article, Ned might be surprised to find out it was indeed a cyclist:

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