Morning Mug: Special Fog Edition


This reminds me of the alien landing scene in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Photo by Elaine L

We received more than a dozen photos from readers of the very dense fog that blanketed parts of the city last week and, instead of posting Morning Mug photos (many of which are very similar) of the same fog, week after week, until Christmas, I thought we should showcase a bunch of them here, in a “Morning Mug: Special Fog Edition” post.

Panorama -- sweet! Photo by Local Broker

Some, by reader and occasional contributor, Local Broker, capture the bay at its most serene in the quiet, early morning hours. You can almost look at the photos and hear distant, mournful sounds of the foghorns from the boats.

What evil lurks over yonder? Photo by Matthew Ahl

Others, by readers Elaine L and Matthew Ahl, capture a more mysterious side of Southern Brooklyn, whose desolate streets and muted street lamps add to the eeriness.

Photos by Local Broker:

Photo by Matthew Ahl:

Photos by Elaine L:



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  2. FOG by Carl Sandburg

    The fog comes on little cat feet.

    It sits looking over harbor and city

    on silent haunches and then moves on.

  3. Good stuff, I love the neighborhood during these foggy nights. 

    I too took a camera out last week: