Technically we don’t post inside-the-home shots, since you generally can’t tell if it’s inside an apartment on Ocean and Voorhies, or inside a home in Dubuque, Iowa, but I’m making a special exception here because:

  1. You can kinda see the outside world, even if you have no idea what you are looking at (somewhere in Sheepshead Bay).
  2. Randy hasn’t sent us a photo in so very long.
  3. I love cats.

Photo by Randy Contello

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  • nolastname

    Nice one Randy. Looks like you have those sun blocking curtains and a built in alarm clock. LOL

  • Tinman



    I’m allergic but I LOVE cats.

    • nolastname

      +1. I love The Big Bang. 
      Watch it as often as I can, even the repeats.

      • Bruce B

        Sheldon’s my hero! So are all kitties of the world

  • Robin

    oh look its the curious cat! why is it being so curious for! its so curious!!!!

  • Georgia

    This is a great picture I love it. The cat is trying to figure out the world that we live in lol. They are very smart and curious & great company. I have 2 at home Buddy & Mindy.

    • Lisanne!

       Like most cats this one would love to go and explore the wider world. I’ve had more than enough cats that needed to be constantly watched lest they bolt through an opening door.

      • Anonymous

         not at all… she has had a chance to get out the door… and runs away from it…. she might go smell near it but she wants a warm bed, and to be fed and pampered… she wont get that outside

  • Ned Berke

    • ES

      I’ll bet you feel kinda like Lisa sometimes, don’t you?

      • Ned Berke


  • Anonymous

    she is looking over east 21st and ave u… lol