More Belt Parkway Construction Planned For April, Expect Lane Closures And Delays


Photo by nolastname

Attention drivers: if you thought Belt Parkway traffic couldn’t get any worse, you thought wrong!

Beginning in early April, the Department of Transportation will launch into a new round of construction necessitating periodic lane closures, this time between Coney Island Avenue and Knapp Street. The agency is undertaking planned replacements of guard rails and drainage infrastructure, according to Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo.

The latest construction will occur alongside the ongoing seven-year renovation plan of the highway’s seven bridges and overpasses. The first phase of that $365 million project wrapped up in December, when work on the first three bridges – Paerdegat Basin, Rockaway Parkway and Fresh Creek Basin – hit the halfway mark.

The city is also in the midst of a $2.9 million component rehabilitation of the bridge over Ocean Avenue and a $5 million contract for protective coating of five spans between Bay 8th Street and East 14th Street.

  • toxik

    They better repave that whole stretch of the belt, that shit is horrible


     FIX THE ROADS!!!!!


     One time i was driving there and 5 of my tires went flat

  • Anonymous

    ohh no…. Crazy April here we come… Why cant they make belt wider… 

    • BrooklynBus

      Rebuilding the bridges with only 3 lanes is just plain stupid.

      • Anonymous

        I agree but with limited space, how can they add more lanes?

        • Felix

           more concrete

        • nolastname


        • BrooklynBus

          Between Knapp Street and Cross Bay Blvd is no problem.  That is the area where it is most needed because there are no service roads or a bridge connecting Avenue U to Seaview.  As for the rest of the Parkway, it would be more difficult and much more expensive but it could be done, but given other more important mass transit needs, I wouldn’t be in favor of any further widening west of Knapp Street

    • nolastname

      No need to, they just park those pumper trucks there…..can’t beat Mother Nature. LOL

  • Felix

    why cant we have four lane highways?

    • Reminds me of when I did drive, and visited California. When I got on the highway I was amazed. Each line on Highway 5 (I think that was it) was the width of the 3 lanes of the Belt.  I’d still be driving if the highways and roads had such width. It was a pleasure driving around California compared to the go-kart lanes of the Belt Parkway.

  • Sdfs

    at least we aint dealing with potholes now with this warm winter, you gotta admit thats great!

    • Barkingspider07

      It would be  better if they would fix the remaining pot holes from last winter.  There are still stretches of the Belt that are horrible.  Last year, I ripped my tailpipe and muffler there. 

  • Pipikel

    they should just make that whole stretch a tunnel.

    • nolastname

      I think the departments involved have wagers on an act of nature doing just that. 

  • Anonymous

    ohh one thing came to my mind, a quote. “Roads? Where we going we dont need roads”

    understand it the way you want to.

    • nolastname

      Hell in a hotrod.

    • Guest

      Considering we only have about 3 years now, I’d say someone stole Dr. Brown’s DeLorean and really did create an alternate reality.

  • geneee

    thats good news for the city workers and unions

  • Brooklyn Native

    Excellent. Just when we all thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.  Really looking forward the sitting in traffic on the coming weekends with gas $5.00 a gallon. 
    Going to be a fun summer! 

  • Can I add my vote for a better path for walking/bike riding. Especially over the bridges. I think that the drawbridge didn’t have a guardrail at all last time i walked it (many years ago), or else it was a flimsy one, who remembers. Also, the one over Gerritsen Bay needs to be strengthened.

  • Georgia

    Belt Parkway ever since I can remember years & years ago and it does not end here. There are way to many cars & people for it to run like a normal highway. Always rubber necking delays. lol

  • Guest

    I believe they kind of had the future in mind when they built. There is no exit 12, ideally they assumed Mill Basin would be built up and an exit needed. Also plenty of room for 15 and 16. 15 of course became gateway. There is room for 4 lanes on both sides. There was no reason for them to build the bridges with only 3 lanes. That was ridiculous and just goes to show that the current administration could give two shits about the city. But most of us probably knew that already. Other then that somebody needs to repaint the lines between Rockaway Parkway and Padegeat Basin westbound before there is a major accident.   

    • Allan Rosen

      About repainting the lane markings. Exactly what I said two weeks ago in my article. They wait until they are all gone. And if you ask them about it, they will tell you they don’t repainting in the winter which is a lie because they did repainting the other side a couple of months ago.

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