New York City Comptroller John Liu joined the Be Proud Foundation yesterday afternoon, as the organization handed out more than 500 bags of kosher food in advance of Passover.

It was the third year in a row in which Be Proud organized the event, hosted by Aqua Health Rehabilitation Center at 2753 Coney Island Avenue. The group gave out Aqua Health tote bags stuffed with matzoh, Kedem grape juice, macaroons and other traditional Passover goodies, to a crowd dominated by seniors hailing from the former Soviet Union.

“Passover is the best time for us to show that we care about our neighbors,” said Raisa Chernina, founder of the Be Proud Foundation. “By giving out food we are going to share our happiness with those people who count on us more than ever in this current economic climate.”

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  • barkingspider07

    liu is a cheat and a liar – you can rest assured that nothing that this big fag gave out did not come from him   The effen guy is totally useless and a big fricken liar. He should be beaten to death in the middle of SBR.  I would be there to cheer on this event!!  Bastard!!

    • levp

      Perhaps reconsider homophobic slur?

      • ES

        And not the suggestion that he should be beaten to death?

        • levp

          I’m not cynical enough to believe this was a threat for real, but yes, it would better for everyone involved not to throw things like that around.

        • Bruce B

          see that? Homophobe trumps “beaten to death”.  I’m learning….

            We shouldn’t even respond to such posts, just eggs the dude on.

            On the other hand, sometimes this “ethnic slur” thing goes too far.  The Chinese complained of a picture of Jeremy Lin with a fortune cookie, something like that. I mean, come on, Chinese restaurants are famous for fortune cookies. How is this made into some kind of bad statement against the Chinese?

              If there was a picture of a Albert Einstein with a corned beef sandwich, it wouldn’t make me angry, it would just make me hungry.

      • Bruce B

        Please, you know what you have, you don’t know what you might get!

    • guest

       Stop barking! Shame on you for this comment!

  • Yuptwayamott

    These old Russians are laughing at how dumb the Americans are, getting EVERYTHING FOR FREE AND I MEAN EVERYTHING.  Besides food, rent, etc., they get FREE DAILY RIDES IN AMBULETTES TO SEE THE DOCTORS FOR FREE.  They are probably getting kickbacks for doing this.  How many people need to go to docs. everyday?  Why is the govt. allowing this doctors and ambulette services  to keep ripping off Medicaid.  There are stories in the papers what is going on and yet what are the politicians doing about it?  NOTHING.. What is Schumer and Cuomo doing to stop this.  I doubt if they are doing anthing.

    I am sure that most Americans know this is going on and some see it everyday.
    How many hard working retired seniors that lived here all their lives and now have a small income, get free rides to the doctor everyday and on the way home are able to shop, while the RUSSIAN AMBULETTE DRIVER WAITS for them.  Tell me.


    • us citizen

       Schumer just  likes holding a “press conference”  saying how outraged he is

    • Bruce B

      I hate to tell you this, but ain’t just Russians. People in my mom’s building use the ambulettes to go to the beauty parlor, bingo. One used it to go to the racetrack. Here’s the best one: a woman is waiting inside the door of Bally’s gym, having just worked out, complains to me that the damned ambulette was taking so long to come. Oh yeah, she was smoking a cigarette too.

    • guest

       How dare you are to generalize in this disgusting ways?! How could you call all Russian seniors “blood sucking leaches”?!!!

  • us citizen

    Talk about   Liusanity

    • ES

      Nice. m/><m/

  • concerned citizen

     I understand that there were several comments that were inappropriate (and certainly not points of view that I’m in agreement with) but I thought this was a column of free speech. Why the deletions?

    • ES

      Speaking for myself and not the moderator of the site, I noticed earlier that there were some acrimonious comments that really have no place in civilized discourse. It’s one thing to have strong opinions, but when the feelings expressed contain racial and homophobic slurs — on a post about distributing kosher Passover packages to the somewhat disadvantaged, no less — the comments then serve no purpose except to disseminate hatred. That’s my $0.02.

    • nolastname

      The moderator deletes my stuff all the time. Mostly it’s for the better. 
      Things do tend to get ugly. LOL



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