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THE BITE: Anthony’s Place over on Ave X claims to have invented garlic knots. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but they do make some good garlic knots. However, Five Brother’s Pizza, 2650 Coney Island Avenue, has just upped the game.

In a move so simple that I’m amazed that no one has thought about this before, Five Brother’s takes the lowly garlic knot, slices it open and makes a ham and cheese sandwich out of it. What a fantastic concept. In keeping with the food world’s obsession for sliders, for only 75 cents, they have created the first garlic knot slider. Another foodstuff invented in Brooklyn!

Now, I don’t know definitively if Five Brother’s is offering the only garlic knot slider on the planet, but this is the first I’ve seen of it in my travels. I am a little disappointed by the limited selection as they currently offer only ham and American cheese sliders, but, hey, great inventions take time to develop.

I would love to see the offering expand to a greater variety of cold cuts and cheeses. I am hoping that they create sliders more in the tradition of an Italian Salumeria by offering a wide variety of Italian cured meats, sausages, salami, prosciutto, and various types of bologna.

To me, the perfect slider would consist of some extra sharp provolone, topped with Prosciutto di Parma and sun dried tomatoes. What’s yours?

Five Brother’s Pizza, Pasta and Grill, 2650 Coney Island Avenue, (718) 648-1600.

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  • Kevin L

    Original’s Pizza has knots with pepperoni and mozzarella in them. They don’t apply the garlic though.

  • Guest

    This sounds awesome!  Does it actually taste good?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, It tastes good. It’s hard to go wrong with ham and cheese and garlic!

  • guest

    Luigi’s on Ave U, has had them since they reopened!!

  • BK

    Not in Sheepshead Bay, so don’t know how helpful this is, but Redstone Pizza in the city has all types of garlic knot sandwiches, including Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana, which is delicious!

  • geneee

    o man that looks sooo unhealthy

    • Barkingspider07

      That is why it would be soooo delicious!

  • Brooklyn Girl

    Its not a new invention-a few years ago the same concept but with pepperoni&mozzarella was done in small pizza place next to the DMV on w8 st in Coney Island, when it was fresh it was delish,also in the same neighborhood pizzeria on Neptune Ave btw w5th&6th street they are playing with putting stuff inside garlic knot all the time&their knots are pretty awesome ;-))

  • “I am hoping that they create sliders more in the tradition of an
    Italian Salumeria by offering a wide variety of Italian cured meats,
    sausages, salami, prosciutto, and various types of bologna.”
    I agree – It would certainly be a step up from ham and Kraft singles!

    My favorite would probably be prosciutto, salami, provolone, hot peppers and sweet peppers with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar.

    This concept kind of reminds me of the Jo Jo sandwich at J & V Pizzeria in Bensonhurst – which uses chicken Parm on a sort of housemade garlic bread/ muffaletta roll.

  • I really wanted to try those sliders, so I just called to place an order, Friday Night at 9:45. I wanted to order some slices and the sliders and guess what? They told me their pizza section was closed but the kitchen was still open.

    Who the hell closes before 11pm on a Friday Night?

    They are loosing a TON of business! Mine included!

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  • Mazpescatore

    prosciutto and provolone with sun dried tomatoe slider sounds divine, but alas it won’t be 75 cents