Pawn Shop To Open On Sheepshead Bay Road


Photo by Erica Sherman

A pawn shop – apparently named Pawnshop – will soon open at 1727 Sheepshead Bay Road.

The storefront became vacant after the previous tenant, accountant Larisa Komsky, was brutally stabbed on Homecrest Avenue in November.

We stopped by last week and a worker said they planned to be open within the month.


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  • Georgia

    I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. We need this here now? 

    •  I thought Sheepshead Bay has been upscaled in recent years. We never, in my memory, ever had any here. Have i forgotten?

  • common_sense

    “apparently named Pawnshop”  – the owners get points for creativity!

    • Anonymous

      in Russia or any other former USSR country all 
      Pawnshops are named 
      or would you rather it be names like all Chinese places/stores? Something like Lucky Pawn? lol

      •  Pawnshops here do have names. Often, they are unintuitive ones, such as AAAA, or AAAAAA

  • NSF

    Better than a Porn Shop!

    • Anonymous

      no its not

      • Tinman

        Really? Don’t you get enough porn on the Internet?
        Didn’t you mother tell you if you watch to much porn you’ll go blind? Fortunately, I only saw enough to make me need glasses.

        • Anonymous

           Porn shops sell Things that LIFT up peoples relationships….. Like for example a French Tickler…..

          • Anonymous

            :) agree!

        • Anonymous

          No I think you saw a lot more because you cant see that I have 4 people like my reply … and 0 yours!

    • nolastname

      Pawn/Porn… and demand. Says something for the area.
      A lot of horny broke ass people. LOL

    • The pawn shop is a few doors down from the porn shop!

  • Scott

    these are the same people who used to have a cheap jewelry store on avenue U, called “fashion jewelry”.  It was there for about 2 years, closed i guess 9 or so months ago.

  • As much as I like to see businesses opening in the area, I can see nothing good will come of this.

  • Mike

    Pawnshop is a legitimate business, governed by state and federal agencies, no different then a traditional bank. The computer system is monitored by NYPD, live. I am a pawnbroker myself, although, I would never open up a shop in SB area. Pawn brokers are in business to loan money, making collateral loans. They make their profit on the loan interest (capped by state at 4% per month), and are not interested in keeping people’s items, just like the mortgage banks aren’t interested in keeping people’s homes. The customers are usually the “underbanked” folks, with poor or no credit history. If an emergency arises, they can come to a pawnshop and borrow 2-3K on their chain or bracelet, and pay back within 3-4 months and get their chain back. Try doing it with a bank if you have no credit card.

    • Rpell1

      Would you mind describing how a Pawn Shop “improves” life in a neighborhood?   These types of establishments, although legitimate, are usually a sign of decline….something none of us really needs.

      • Anonymous

        Are they a sign of decline or do they cause a decline? There’s a difference you know…

        • Rpell1

          …vultures attracted to a sick or wounded animal?  You choose.  it’s irrelevant.  One simply perpetuates the other….

          (even vultures have to eat……..just not me!)

  • brooklyn native

    Ooooooooooh, klassy. Just what was missing. 

  • Joe

    This is not good for the community. Will bring alot of stealing and dangerous crimes to the area. especially busy traffic. beware of lowball pricing

  • brooklyntaxi

    they call it a pawn shop its highly unlikely they will pawn anything. it looks like place set up to buy gold and sell jewelry. it will go out of business very soon so who cares.

  • brooklyntaxi

    and instantly be replaced by sushi or cellphone store

  • winson

    pawn stars here i come

  • This neighborhood can get pretty snobby, I’m starting to see. No wonder  there’s so many closed storefronts.  Pawn shop? NO WAY!  Seven-Eleven? NO BIG BUSINESS. Walmart? OF COURSE, FORGET IT.  Ferry? NO WAY, PARKING PROBLEMS. Gambling boat (this was years ago)? WE’RE NOT LETTING IT IN.  Russian clothes stores? TOO EXPENSIVE.  99c stores? TOO CHEAP.

       I’m not quite sure what this neighborhood wants, but I’m beginning to see why there’s so much “real estate available” signs here.

    • nolastname

      There are plenty of commercial properties available and at least twice as many residential properties. 
      Seems what this neighborhood wants is having a lot of residence wanting out.
      Snobby, greedy and filthy. YUP. 
      It’s back to change, I like what we had and not where we are going.

      • Cabbie

        in 5 – 10 years sheepshead bay will be a slum. sad.

        • guest

          Don’t give in to fleeing and the neighborhood won’t change like so many others in southern BK. It can certainly be prevented.

          • nolastname

            The exodus from Sheepshead Bay started 20 odd years ago. The people that are leaving now either made their money and are moving to where they really want to be, banks took over or are the children of the die-hards that did stick it out.
            Day late and a dollar short guest.

        • nolastname

          Let’s hope not. I could take filth, it’s the attitude of the area. 
          I need to be somewhere that I can look under a rock and find things nature intended (salamander). A more quiet, safer and considerate place. 
          I don’t want to be 6′ under to have that. 
          If the attitude, the flavor of the area, were better it would be cleaner also. 

          • Cabbie

            I grew up in the bay in the late 60’s and 70’s – back then it was cleaner and it was more of a “neighborhood”. Your neighbors were your friends and like family – there were block parties all summer long – you grew up on the street and your parents didn’t have to worry about some pervert grabbing you – everyone looked out for everyone else. Christmas/Chanukah season the shop owners all chipped in and gussied up their stores and the streets with lights…..little to none of this exists anymore. Why? I have some theories that I won’t go into here. Yes, things change – you can’t go back – sad but true.

          • nolastname

            Did you know the McCarthy’s or Coyles? Jimmy Poco who delivered for Delmar in the 70’s. My nickname was Chili for awhile. I made big big pots at a time. LOL.

          • Cabbie

            I knew Poco a.k.a. Steak from the Mixed Breed. Is that who you are referring to?

    • Joe

       Bruce. Its a madhouse on that road. The rent is WAYY TOO Expensive.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a legal,and hopefully legit business,that is government regulated. Whats the problem? Is it better to have an empty store,or some junk store? What is sad is that the store was available,because the woman was killed. And the killer has not been caught.

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