Gelman Sentenced To 25 More Years For Manhattan Stabbing, Gets Mocked By Final Victim


Just under a month ago, Maksim Gelman was sentenced to 200 years by a Brooklyn judge for the four stabbing deaths during his 28-hour rampage. Now a Manhattan judge has tacked on 25 more years for the non-lethal slashing in Manhattan – his last victim before being locked up.

Before his sentencing, though, Joseph Lozito – the man he stabbed, but who also fought back and eventually subdued Gelman – took the opportunity to get a little psychological payback for his victims.

The New York Post reports:

“When you attacked me, you went down real easy,” Lozito said, setting off an exchange of insults between the two men.

“You didn’t take me down, you jerk—,” Gelman roared back.

“What you have, ladies and gentlemen, the funniest Russian since Yakov Smirnoff,” Lozito shot back in response to the hulking Gelman’s outburst.

The trash-talking came as the crazed killer replayed the vile rants that highlighted his earlier sentencing, when he berated the boyfriend of a young woman he killed and bellowed at a Brooklyn judge to “suck my Russian d—.”

“F—ing moron! Jerk—!” Gelman yelled at Lozito.

… Lozito, whose head is massively scarred from the knife attack, named each of Gelman’s victims, telling the madman to “just think about the lives that you changed.”

“They’ll never get to walk the face of the Earth because you’re a spoiled little boy,” Lozito said. “Instead of taking your ball and going home, you threw a tantrum.

“I hope you rot in your cell,” he continued. “You have hell to look forward to, so enjoy it.”

  • Tinman

    The Creator had an off the day when he let this animal takes his first breath of life.

  • Anonymous

    does it really matter………… people can’t live past 100…. in theory. 

    • BrooklynBus

      They just reported that medical breakthroughs may extend life expectancy to 150. So the 225 is insurance.

  • ZiggyZ820

    he should be shot dead, why feed him and clothe him all these years? for what?  oh, maybe, he’ll get a college education…….

    • Tinman

      I think Utah is the only state where a firing squad is still a choice.

  • He’ll probably sue the government somehow while in prison and make money off the system.

  • Chrisie

    Send his lousy ass back to Siberia in just boxer shorts.

    • Olga

      Siberia is not part of ukraine, but Americans don’t know that so it’s ok

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